Healing delusions

I’m schizophrenic and I’ve come to terms with some delusional thoughts. They are there and I deal with them. But everyday I think I’m a saint! It’s driving me crazy. I’ve seen myself levitate and bilocate. What should I do? My psychiatrist says I might be a saint. Why would he say that? Was he trying to draw out my thinking???
Yes I’m a good lady.
Thanks for your help!

Hi! Welcome to the forum. I thought I could move the clouds at one point, and the voices convinced me I was a prophet. I’m surprised your psychiatrist says that, maybe he/she just means you’re a really nice person. :smiley:

I got over delusions with a couple years of treatment. The medicine really does help a lot. Life without delusions is boring but safe, and you can get back into things like hobbies. I am guessing you are on medicine for it, since you mentioned you have a psychiatrist? I went through a lot of adjustments to my medicine throughout treatment.

I think I am the chosen one, as Jesus tells me, the greatest Buddha of this era

But you have no magic powers though. I can come back alive like Jesus, but not in the same universe or timeline or life. It’s like a different universe where no one recognizes me or remembers me and I have to start all over again. Its ■■■■■■■■. Have you seen groundhog day, source code, or edge of tomorrow? They are about time loops and one is about simulation theory. Source code concludes with a simulation creating a whole new world using quantum mechanics I think.

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Jesus was special because he fits the definition of true resurrection without cloning technology or something. Only a God could do this. I guess it’s about belief or faith as it happened thousands of years ago.

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No, I haven’t seen them. They would trigger me

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They trigger me too. I do it to myself. I sometimes feel like I’m discovering something or seeing the truth. It probably makes me sicker. I stopped watching conspiracy theories and I feel better. My head is clearer and thoughts/memories are less intrusive.

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I have this belief/delusion that the powers to be or the illuminati put messages in entertainment to get the public thinking for various reasons. It’s part of my quest to discover such feats…

I think your doctor wants show you that your not crazy but you might need meds iam currently taking meds so there’s nothing wrong with it

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