Jerusalem syndrome

Has anyone here ever heard of it…?

Read up on it and I am kinda religious man what do you mean that’s why psychosis

I think it can overwelm the conspet of it

One of my baby’s daddies used to work at the embassy in Israel and saw it all the time.


What is it?

From what my baby’s daddy says it’s basically people going to Jerusalem to have a spiritual experience and end up getting some sort of psychosis.

It’s an oddly common phenomenon.

He says it’s mostly American ministers, usually young ones, that have problems.

But I didn’t do any research,

I’m just telling you what he said.


Goes 2 show no one is bullet proof

My brother felt this overwhelming feeling of emotion when he visited Jerusalem.
He enjoyed his visit very much.

Ha. I had to google that. Interesting.

Makes you wonder if there is a Mecca Syndrome as well lol.

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its pressure of d mind

Every Saturday morning on my front doorstep despite the NO PROSELETYZING sign.

My parents started crying out of the blue when they first arrived in Fatima Portugal.

my thread makes us special in some terms

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super special i must add

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