Does xyprexa caused diabetes at you?


Hi. İ want to change my medication to xyprexa but i read that its high possibilities that develop diabetes when people use this medicine? . Does anyone know what s the percentage or chance to develop diabetes at this medicine? Does anybody using this medicine at this forum?

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I’m also interested in knowing what the chances are of getting diabetes DESPITE maintaining a normal weight, on zyprexa

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I thought all antipsychotics have the possibility of increasing your blood sugar

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I didn’t get diabetes and was on it for a year and a half, but then again I wasn’t compliant. Not sure if the unbalanced dosing all the time stopped some side effects. Don’t know how that works.

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i get my blood checked on risperidone

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I met a guy in the hospital who developed diabetes from Zyprexa.
I was on it at the time, and got off of it because of that.

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ive been on zyprexa for a while, used to be in good shape and i gained almost 180 pounds being on it for almost 2 years, despite this my blood sugar is always completely normal whenever i go to the doctor so no diabetes at all, but my cholesterol is a little higher than before i started taking it, the weight gain sucks tho and i never feel full when eating, might be going on a different medication soon zyprexa works well for me but the side effects are no good

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Maybe you can contact the manufacturer of your medication and ask them this question.

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I hate this drug. I put on 35 kilos on it and I have been off it four years and only lost 15 kilos

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I gained a lot of weight on it and got diabetes from it. I stopped the Zyprexa and changed to Abilify.


I hope not. I take 60mg olanzapine


that is a huge dose


I took zypexa before but it doesnt make any difference to my blood glucose levels. Just an increase in appetite thats all.


I was taking Zyprexa in 2011 and came down with diabetes. I switched to Risperdal. I weighed 330lbs when I came down with diabetes. I started taking Zyprexa in 2008 and maybe weighed 225lbs.