I'm finally switching meds

So, after 2 years of waiting, my pdoc finally agreed to switch me to a different antipsychotic. I’m switching from invega sustenna to zyprexa. I’ve been on 75 mgs of the invega sustenna depot for the past two years, but while invega gave around 16 side effects, zyprexa gives me about 3 or 4. I can hardly wait for the anhedonia to go away, among others.

Seeing as I will have so few side effects, is there a higher chance that zyprexa will not work as an antipsychotic for me, meaning, that I will be treatment resistant to it? But then again, I was on a very small dose of invega sustenna, so would that mean that the zyprexa should work well for my positive symptoms?
My pdoc said I will take either 7.5 or 10 mgs daily.
I’m eager to join team zyprexa.

Have you guys been on zyprexa before? My hesitation around taking this AP is the increased chance of getting diabetes. I’m not overweight, and I plan on restricting my caloric intake in such a way that I will not gain any weight. But will I still get diabetes even if I don’t gain any weight? And on this low dose (7.5-10mg)?
@anon39736208 @rogueone @agent101g I know you guys are taking this AP (or atleast I think so). Have you gained a lot of weight? Do you have diabetes type 2? Also, do you eat a lot of sweets?

I appreciate any feedback, even if you have never taken olanzapine before

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I think 10mg is the minimum dose for schizophrenia not 7.5mg.

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I took that drug for 3 weeks. In that time I gained 16 pounds. I’m off it now. I’m not willing to gain like that and my dr agreed with me

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I also noticed that, but it was actually my pdoc’s suggestion

I was taking zyprexa In 2010 after the first time I was hospitalized. I was stable six months. Maybe gained a bit of weight. Slept well when I took it. I don’t remember too much else. Then I stopped it and had a pretty bad relapse

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Maybe you could mention it to him.

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I see what you mean, but in his whole career he’s bound to have seen a lot of different people and seen what works and what doesn’t. For example, he told me we couldn’t lower the invega sustenna below 75 mgs, because it would stop having a therapeutic effect. I feel like gotta trust him on this one

Zyprexa hasn’t caused me any weight gain, but my psychiatrist did say she is often hesitant to prescribe it for that reason. My bloodwork recently came back as pre-diabetic for the first time ever… but barely pre-diabetic (the lowest possible number in the range). I’m cutting out most of my soda… my sugar intake is usually very high. I’m hoping less sugar will get that number to drop.

Initially I had some side effects from Zyprexa, namely short term memory problems. The side effects went away after about a month on the medication. I’ve always been on 10 mg without any changes.

I’d say try it and hope for the best. You might not get an increased appetite. Personally the only AP that’s ever upped my appetite and weight was Seroquel, and I haven’t been on that for awhile.

Good luck!


i just switched a few months ago the opposite from zyprexa to invega, i dont have any significant side effects on invega

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@everhopeful @agent101g @CoCo @Jonnybegood Thanks for taking the time to respond everyone!

@sigarino That’s great to hear! I’m glad for you


I have been on Zyprexa since mid-March. I started at 5 mg, went to 10 mg, and then my pdoc and I discovered that 7.5 mg is my lowest effective dose. I’ve been on 7.5 mg for almost two months.

Even on 7.5 mg, my positive symptoms are completely controlled. I used to have breakthrough hallucinations on Haldol, and I haven’t had any on Zyprexa. It even controls what used to be disabling paranoia and delusions. I haven’t been troubled with anything.

I haven’t had diabetes, though I haven’t had bloodwork done since starting Zyprexa, but I feel fine. I don’t eat a lot of sweets.

I have lost 25 pounds since starting Zyprexa, by calorie counting between 1200-1400 calories per day. I was afraid of the weight gain, and I wanted to lose a significant amount I gained on previous APs, so I started off aggressively fighting weight gain. The Zyprexa has been limiting my appetite instead of stimulating it, so I am staying to a low calorie range with no problem.

Zyprexa has been my miracle drug. I am completely under control, and looking for a full-time job to get off disability. I don’t know who said 7.5 mg is not enough for sz, I am sza so maybe that makes a difference? Regardless, 7.5 mg works wonders for me!


Zyprexa made me ravenously hungry for a while. Cant remember how long. Didn’t gain weight because I was eating protein powder and water.

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hey @AccreditedPsych . I gained all my weight on risperdal. I also had some poverty of thought and other issues and moving to zyprexa was really good for me. Most meds you need to watch what you eat and if it’s helping psych symptoms then that is a big plus. I’ve actually lost weight on zyprexa and have more motivation etc a lot from regular exercise.

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I am currently both invega and zyprexa. I sleep well on the zyprexa, but it has made me really pack on the pounds. I’m active and used to being 110. In two weeks I’m up to 126. Now I know it’s not fat but just how rapidly it caused it scares me.

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