Considering taking Zyprexa again

I was on Zyprexa like 4 years ago - I remember that my blood glucose went up a bit, but I was given Zyprexa immediately after I was on Seroquel XR, and the Seroquel shot up my blood sugar very high, about 60 points in 2 months.
So I think that the Seroquel had a bigger impact on my blood glucose levels than Zyprexa - Yes I am diabetic, but the way I see it - Risperdal, the drug I am on now is the worst for weight gain and I cannot lose the weight, because my Hormones are affected, plus with the Risperdal, my blood glucose levels are very high - all of the effective meds - raise blood glucose levels - except for the typicals, but they too can raise blood glucose levels and increase EPS.
I see my Pdoc tommorow and I have to get off of the Risperdal and need to be on a decent med.
I looked at my Journal from during the time I was on Zyprexa, and I was only on it for one month - not enough time to judge this med. I was on 5 mg and 7.5 mg? I was starting to feel better at 7.5 mg - but my pdoc at the time freaked out when my blood sugar levels jumped by 10 points - my thyroid levels were a bit funny, I do think it was triggered by the Seroquel. - but on Risperdal, my blood glucose levels jumped a lot as well.

I know that Zyprexa has a bad rep for weight gain and raising blood sugar levels, but everyone reacts differently to these drugs - I plan on going on a strict low carb “diet” and I already raised my Metformin to 2000 mg - this should help.
I also plan on seeing a Dietician, especially if my pdoc allows me to go on it.
I will exercise everyday - no hesitations.

All of the antipsychotics have serious side effects - either high prolactin (Zyprexa is not known for doing this) or high blood glucose levels or EPS or weight gain - ■■■■ this - I might as well be going on a drug with a proven track record for treating bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. I do remember it making me a bit irritable at 5 mg but it got better at the higher dose, according to my journal writings.
I am willing to try it again, but it will ultimately be up to my pdoc - I do hope that she considers it

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My doc doesnt want me on zyprexa, he only uses it for acute episodes

Yes Mortimer, I have a funny feeling that my pdoc wont go for it - I dont have a lot of choices, unfortunately

■■■■ wave, your really shopping around. Hope it all settles down with you on the perfect med. just think this could be the last time you have to go through this med change bs if you get it right. Good luck man. You do seem to be doing better than you were over the last month. It’s good to see.

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■■■■ man, yeah I really want to get it right - I am kind of buying time, till the CBD drugs come out - I need something to hold me over for a while till they arrive.
I have been taking meds since the 70s/80s I am really getting fed up - but will keep moving forward as usual-
You are very kind Bryan - thanks for the positive words - I really appreciate it

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Yeah that Cbd stuff should be good and hopefully inexpensive. I’m sure they’ll charge a lot at first, but I’m assuming it’s more about extraction and not synthesis of the chemical. Hopefully they’ll be fair. It’s nice to see an approach in the works that’s not just a dopamine or serotonin manager. The day will come at some point, maybe 5 years, a decade before its generic. Sucks to wait on things like that.

Several people in the past have said that Trilaphon - one of the typicals I haven’t tried - worked well for them and had no side effects for them. I always thought I might try it if Zyprexa weren’t so hard to go off of.

Well, I looked up side effect information. I would stay away from it.

Personally, I think it’s best you just sit back and let the doc decide for you. She knows all the available meds on the market. You’ve kinda shotgunned the entire catalog of meds over the past few weeks wracking your brain of what to try next. Relax a bit. Let her decide…I think that’s best.

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Yeah you are right Greg - my brain is fried just thinking about which med to take - I am going to leave it up to my pdoc to sort it all out. But I will have my say as well. Thanks Guys - tomorrow is a new day