Does this site help you?

This is a place where I can connect with others who share similar situations as me.

Even though I may not have schizophrenia I do know what it’s like to experience psychosis.

A lot of members also suffer with mania and depression and OCD and anxiety.

I can definitely relate.

Both my psychiatrist and therapist feel that socializing here on the forum is beneficial to my mental health.

So there’s that too.


Yes it helps me I think. It’s good place to get my ramblings out lol, not like I can just hit up my friends out of nowhere with a random thought😅

In the beginning when I first had psychosis it was a little triggering to be on here to be honest, but not anymore.


When I first got diagnosed with schizophrenia, I was told to get on disability, and just accept the idea that I would never work, never get married, never have kids. I was told my entire life from then on would be just trying to remain as stable as possible. When I came here, it was the first time anyone gave me a message of hope. I saw parents, wives, husbands, people with happy and stable lives. I finally believed it might be possible for me to still live the life I wanted.


Very well said 1515

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The forum it’s a bit helpful and I don’t have any complaints towards the group members or admins once or ever.

I like the site for a few different reasons. One, I can explain something that’s absolutely bizarre to a group of people who can actually relate. Even if you haven’t had the same experience, you could probably rhyme one off that’s equally bizarre LOL

I’ve had the pleasure and the privilege of interacting with people who I truly find interesting, Innovative and knowledgeable


My therapist and case manager are constantly telling me I need to socialize more as I tend to be a loner. This forum in my mind is a safe way to socialize. There’s a lot of drugs and alcohol in my apartment building, and I don’t want to socialize with anyone in the building.


You’re an inspirational story.


@ninjastar you really should write an autobiography. You’ve had interesting experiences, and pulled yourself up in a way that is very inspiring.

Just a thought


How are you doing tonight?

I think it helps me… I have a feeling of unity here and support… For my illness, my life, losing weight, and so much more


Doesn’t seem like much of a story, to me. I didn’t really do much on my own. I mostly had good luck and a lot of help.


Yes it helps me pass time when my friends are busy working etc I also get good info here on new meds and some of my news including info on covid.

I didn’t believe I had schizophrenia because I thought the voices and delusions were real but when I came on this forum and saw others with similar beliefs n experiences I accepted the diagnosis because of the forum I think.

It is a place I can Babbel and vent a bit too and I don’t have friends as such so it’s a bit of social perhaps too.

I think I stay on this forum because we have perhaps many of us been tortured by voices and delusions etc and have that .


So there’s your story. All about how you don’t make it alone. I’d buy that

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I get most of my support outside of here, but I do try to be here to let those who are new to having SZ know that there is hope for a good and successful life in spite of this illness. If a d00f like me can pull it off then certainly others can as well.


It does help.
I make confessions,
I open my heart and speak freely
to people who understand,
who have been through the same,
or similar situations


It’s the best therapist i ever had

I find when I am doing poorly, I don’t want to communicate here, but I do read posts and that helps a lot.

When I am doing well, I can practice socialising here, which I need.

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It gives me a sense of community and something to check during the day.