Does this site help you?

Can you mention how it helps you?


It helps me to know that others understand how I feel like no normie can. We are gifted about that more than normies. Sharing on this forum is special, even more than telling my pdoc.


it helps cause i see there is more people like me… so i feel not so lonely… and sometimes i read good tips here…


I am fascinated with the psychology of the mind in all areas


I find this site very helpful.

For me, it brings other peoples experience and opinions to my knowledge base.


I wish I’d hear from You. I post all the time!

The schizophrenia website provides insight to how other schizophrenics think, feel and behave. Not all schizophrenics are the same as schizophrenics differ in race, personality and interests.

The schizophrenia website does help me.


It helps me in the sense that it makes me feel better sometimes. A community of people that I can relate to and that can relate to me.


it’s interesting who people respond to,
seems it’s selfish interest
that they can relate to,
or maybe some kind of misguided
nothing doing with that person.

Sheri? Sheri. it’s Junior High.

Yes. It’s help me learn a lot. And it’s good for support when you are down. But mostly, these days, it just helps me to pass the time.


I would find researching this to be very tiresome

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what? some things are obvious. I’d rather research authors and poets.

Seems cliquy to introduce such accusations within a community of this size.

yeah it does. Get it?

I don’t know why you seem intent on trying to be disruptive.



My community abandoned me when I got diagnosed.

When I came here, I found plenty of people willing to give me their own time, no strings attached, to try and help me out of a really difficult place I found myself in

Now for the most part I will try and reciprocate this where appropriate, but other than that I enjoy coming here and just chatting to you all about whatever the topic might be

Sometimes I get things wrong, but I try to have good intentions where I can


I’ve had schizophrenia for forty years and met many other schizophrenics over the years. I never heard people be so open about their illness until I got here. And not only open about their disease, but open about their lives. And their idiosyncrasies–which can be very interesting, lol. And I feel I can be open too. Also, if I help someone, or inspire anybody or give hope to someone then it’s just payment for the years of acceptance and friendliness I’ve encountered from people on here.

And I get helped too. In a big way. When I had my breakdown in 2015 and I ended up in the hospital and then a board & care home, the people on this site were instrumental in my getting back on my feet. I got tons of support and encouragement from people on here.

I thought I was the lowest person in the world at that time. I went from living independently, working, going to school and driving my own car…—to having to take two months off work, having to quit school, being back in mental health housing and not being able to drive and thinking for sure I would have to spend the rest of my life in some back ward in a hospital. My sisters helped me a lot but also people on here had faith I would recover and reassured me I wasn’t some terrible person. Those were some dark times.

Luckily, I went back to work, I started online classes again got a new car and now live pretty independently again. And these last few years I’ve gotten better and got peace of mind and my thoughts can slow down and I can relax. Great strides for me. Just got to lose weight and be a little more active.

Oh yeah, I’ve been able to hone my stand up comedy act on here.


It helps me because I have no friends and no one to talk to. This site is my friends replacement.


I don’t know what I would do without this forum. :penguin::penguin::penguin: