Does this site help you?

It helps me bcoz here I find people who are sailing in the same boat as me

I can openly talk about any topic that comes to my mind

I live in a family and they are all loving people who are normal but they are busy with their own lives so I interact here

Also I get to learn about many things here and I find it a good way to kill my time rather than just surf the stupid internet

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Its one of the few places where there’s compassion for sz/sza/bp and other mental health in the world, only place where someone understands why you’re afraid to leave your house or you get overwhelmed when things suddenly change or you freeze up in public or its hard to socialize. Its helped me to understand this illness and how to deal with it better than any of the last 6 psychiatrists I’ve had to deal with.

Pretty much what others have said, I can relate better than with a therapist, and get good information. It also makes me less alone.

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I like this place. Sometimes I find the list of stuff we cant talk about to be frustrating. That said I understand why there needs to be some kind of rules.

I think its easy to feel like we are the only ones with this issue, and everyone else out there is living a completely “normal” life with no issues to do with MH. But being on here regularly you get the opposite feeling. It makes me feel a lot more sure of myself that I am not coping poorly with my condition, and that it is difficult for anyone to have the illness etc.

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