Top three things I've gotten from this site

  1. I’m an addict and I need support from others. My drug of choice is marijuana and anytime I have a craving, I come here to get my mind right. For a long time, I though pot was beneficial but now I see it isn’t.
  2. Take medication. You can beat a dead horse the number of times I’ve heard it mentioned on this forum.
  3. Sz is an illness that affects everyone differently. I feel fortunate that I don’t hear voices and that I can work. But always humbled and reminded that it could be worse.

What have you gotten from this forum?

  1. A lot less time in the day.
  2. A sense of belonging to something.
  3. My only contact with others.

Two years go when my mom died and I had a serious back problems, I lost my housing and a few other terrible things, I ended up in the psyche ward after staying out for more than 25 years. When I got out, I had to quit college and take two months off from work. I lost an awful, awful lot in a very short span of time and I didn’t know if I would recover and get back on my feet. Well, my sisters were helping me but a lot of people on here were very supportive and had faith in me that I would get my life back and all the support and encouragement I got on here played a big part in me getting a semblance of my life back in order.

The most rewarding thing I’ve got from these forums is being able to help people. A number of people have told me I give them hope or inspiration by my stories of over-coming obstacles. By sharing my story of my struggles with schizophrenia and how I survived those struggles to achieve relative success, many people have told me I helped them.

Oh yeah, I have been able to hone my stand -up comedy act by being on here.


I never fit in somehow to any groups or people.
I do not connect easily and have symptoms.

Even though I feel that s bit here too I was told I am a valued member of the schizophrenic community.


That made me happy.

I can relate to a lot written here with similar experiences.

There are posts that are not about schizophrenia too like what are you having for dinner…
That can bring ideas and inspiration.

I miss seeing some people around who have not been on the forum lately and I hope they are well.


This is definitely true, you are a valued member here, I like your contributions that share a part of who you are, it’s nice to read.


I am new here but am so thankful to have found this site. I no longer feel alone with this disease.


There is literally nowhere else in the world to talk about scz my scz history for free.

Can see how others came to be scz and handle it.

No stigmas.


This site helps me with being lonely. Gives me something to do. Also I thing it is therapeutic, and I think it’s comforting knowing people have similar problems.

  1. Reading about other people’s experiences and answering some posts helped me identify my own symptoms and medication side effects.
  2. Also, it helped my identify what my triggers and warning signs are.
  3. I now understand the feelings I have about life with Sz are not unique to me and many people here also have them, which in turn helps me feel understood (and also a bit sad).
  1. knowledge
  2. acceptance
  3. love

Accepted here, I dont feel alone anymore. Even with my partner I still have a hard time explaining my symptoms


My top three things:

  1. Real, strong friendships with people who are never more than a message away.

  2. Help dismissing my delusional thoughts.

  3. The advice to start taking Sarcosine, which my doctor hadn’t even heard of.

And as a moderator, I also get something to put on my resume other than “unemployed for a year.”


@77nick77 you’re the man, man!

@gene… dude it’s really cool to hear you say that.

For me I get a lot of company, a bit of love, and a ridiculous of intellectual validation that I don’t know if I should be trusted with… yet you all keep granting it to me… which is very humbling because I love you all… I like that you like me… real nix of my schizophrenic dilemmas rests somewhere therein… and you all forgive and forget and accept me.

I gotta shout out to my secondary parent folk on here @rhubot and @velociraptor… Grounding thing to ponder over those two’s respect code for me :slight_smile:

Love and communion in the face of sadness… 3 things.

  1. a couple of lasting friendships
  2. good and helpful advice from people who “get it”
  3. a sense of belonging
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  1. Married a girl I met on the old websites chat room.
  2. Payback to those who helped me. I came here in confusion and was very appreciative of the support and help I got all those years ago. I still remember Jaysters first response to my drama’s. It’s nice to help people who are going through what you’ve been through.
  3. Friends. I have many friends on the outside and I take relationships, even internet ones, seriously. I don’t find any difference to people who I went to highschool with back in the day to those I’ve chatted and messaged through the years of using this website.
  1. A place to achieve goals and work on helping others achieve theirs
  2. Show signs of recovery for others to see
  3. learn how others cope
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A place to express myself.
A place to help others.
Motivation to do my best

  1. Support
  2. Good talk with likeminded
  3. @Azley @nomad and few other irreplaceable folks
  1. I have learned that I’m not alone and coming here makes me feel welcomed!
  2. We are all very similar in specific ways
  3. This forum has good, honest people on here.

my psychosis is listed in one of my depression dxes. although i feel it may be the depressed side of my supposed bipolar or one of the other dxes. nevertheless i feel sort of accepted here.

from here i feel empathy, not only sympathy . i can talk without attempting to explain the explainable.

happiness. as some of you are funny.

interesting thoughts. as i feel often our feelings follow our thoughts.