Does this job sound doable?

The clubhouse I want to apply to says I can only join if I want to apply to their job cleaning classrooms for 2 hours per day at a high school. It’s mostly sweeping and dumping trash. I do help my mom clean house for about 2 hours a week vacuuming and dusting but I rest in between and take it slow. A job might be too fast paced… right now I have nothing to do due to symptoms, but once I recover I hope to go back to tutoring kids. Should I just apply to a different clubhouse or try this job?

Why is the job required for you to be allowed to join the club house?

In any case, you could try the job to see what you think about it.

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You won’t know if you can do it until you try. There’s a chance you do not have to work fast but you don’t know until you try.


Right but I have other concerns, one of which is that this job has nothing to do with what I want to do in the long run… so I don’t know if I can stick to it very long. I tried volunteering doing office work for 3 hours per day a couple months ago and I stuck to that for 2 weeks…

The VA wanted me to volunteer at the VA hospital in New Orleans a while back but I live over an hour from there and that’s if there’s no traffic and New Orleans has a lot of traffic.

I could have taken a free shuttle they have every day but that would have been really long days with the commute and waiting on the shuttle so I didn’t do it.

Two hours doesn’t sound real bad if it’s close by.

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You don’t have to.
Maybe it’s a good way to test the waters and get a little cash. And get a little experience in what it takes to hold down a job.
It can be a stepping stone to something better.


You make a good point that it might be good practice to see if I have what it takes to work… I do have interest in the job, but it will be a month or two before I can start and I was hoping things would go back to normal more quickly?

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Don’t be in a rush.

When I was diagnosed they rushed me back to work. Your symptoms are small they say. You need to work.

Dumbest move I ever made!

If you’ve family support and can get by or if you can get social security I’d recommend that. It’s just a cushion from your symptoms till you sort it all out to work again! It’s not easy. It never is but don’t try to rush it!

Your young and your keen and that is good but sort out your headspace first! That will give you longevity in the workplace more than rushing back if your not all good!

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Maybe working in school custodial would be too emotionally draining? Maybe I should try to back out of this? My therapist actually doesn’t recommend clubhouse for me.

I’m thinking about going to work. I can learn from top schools about CS online and part time while working.

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Idk… I once held a cashiering job and was fired after 3 weeks. I’m not proud of how I’m always getting fired, but if this job is anything like cashiering it will probably crash and burn very quickly.

It’s better to try and fail a hundred times and then succeed than never try at all. I need to try something. At least you are trying. Eventually, you’ll make it.

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Why were you fired from your cashiering job?

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Hi! I was fired for leaving one of the cashiering drawers open when running to get help. A dumb mistake.

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