To apply or not to apply

i’ve been looking at this job opportunity today and i think its a bit beyond my reach but i think i would like to try it even though it is 9-5 a week, its the job role that my boss had and now she is leaving an opening has become available, i have only been volunteering for a short time with this place but i have got to know some people there, i’d love to do it but i think i am limited by my capabilities :frowning:

idk if i should apply, i dont want to waste anyones time.


“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” (Charles Bukowski)

I say, don’t hesitate !


i feel both of those things just now :confused:

You should apply :slight_smile:

you make it sound easy

Well, you don’t know if it’s easy or not if you don’t do it

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i looked at the requirements for the job and i tick a lot of the boxes for it but i dont know if i can mentally or even physically do the job

35 hrs a week 9-5 is not something i am use to and i dont want to make myself unwell

and i would need training

Honestly daydreamer, you won’t know your limits until you try them. If you feel that it’s too much, you quit. It’s better to try than to let the experience escape.


its a great opportunity tbh, i’m just not confident but its great pay, easy travel,

it seems like a really cushy job but i dont think i’d get it, i was just getting some training for admin there last thursday and idk how the staff there would react to me doing that either, just really mixed up about this

if i tried it and failed i might not get my benefits back as it is

That’s another issue, you need to weigh in what’s most important. If you’re able to work if you lose your disability, if you really think you’re not maybe you shouldn’t apply.

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Go for it. What have you got to lose?? Really, somebody once told me, life is for living…I truly believe that. Xx