Applied to a couple of places

my partner found out about me applying for a couple of places. she agrees with my therapist and pdoc that i’m not ready to get a job. I just hate to be useless. that’s how my father in law makes me feel. he thinks I mess up on directions on purpose. I still have that problem with picturing things in my mind when people talk to me. I applied for a sales associate job at a petco.

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Why don’t u try volunteering first. Find out what ur capable of without the rigor of job apps, interviews, schedule etc

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I thought I could walk dogs, until I found out the pay is wrong.



I get so motivated to go and find work or volunteer (or join a group or club) and then I remember that I am bat shyt crazy and can’t function for very long at all without getting tired or getting lost in lala land.

Only you really know if you are ready to work or not.