Does this forum help you?

It doesn’t help me honestly, my negative symptoms are the same regardless of being on the forum. Also here ppl think negative symptoms can be overcome with will power but its bs only a med change worked for me. I already have many friends I talk to everyday so I am not missing on social life. Yesterday spoke to a friend for over 2hrs on whatsapp video call. I am stuck here though as I am always in bed and have nothing to do.


Just sit and rot in bed. Is that what you want to hear?


I am already rotting lmao its not by choice lmao

I don’t think this forum can cure me but it can accompany me on the road to a better life.

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I know it’s not by choice, but you will be encouraged to try and stop doing it

There are things I can’t do (Not as bad), but I understand the motivation issue, but also why this forum isn’t going to try and tell you just to keep doing it

Called encouragement Aziz! Not attacking at all


Honestly the only thing that improved my negative symptoms is Abilify. I am actually thinking about going back on it eventhough i had shopping addiction on it.

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Why not try it, and give your debit card to a trusted person and instruct them to control your spending until you get into a good habit?


After I emptied my bank account my parents were controlling my money but they weren’t good at it as they gave me money whenever I asked them.

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I think there’s a bit of nuance here. Meds do provide the lasting change. That is certain. What a lot of people are saying on here, though, is that making small changes can make small improvements. Going for a 5 minute walk outside won’t cure you. But after a solid week of 5 minute walks, you might find that you now have the energy for a 7 minute walk, or the energy to wash dishes, or go to lunch with a friend.

Keeping a gratefulness journal will not suddenly cure depression. But it will train your brain to subconsciously look for things to add to your gratefulness journal, which will make you start noticing and internalizing good things throughout your day.

Eating fresh fruit will not turn you into a fitness model. But the extra vitamins might help you to feel less exhausted, and make the bad cycles last a bit shorter.

Meds definitely do the heavy lifting with chronic diseases. Nobody is denying that. People are just saying “Well, since we don’t have the med that can cure this yet, here’s our best survival techniques in the meantime.”


I spent about 2 years 99% in bed. My muscles atrophied and I lost all core strength - couldn’t stand up for a while.

Yet despite this some doctors don’t recognise this as negative symptoms. I could talk articulately and expressively. I think some doctors won’t acknowledge negative symptoms unless you have emotional blunting.

I was never prescribed meds to overcome these negatives so not sure if I can be any help.

Things that helped me overcome this were taking the tv out of my bedroom, opening the curtains more and trying to sit in the garden if I could.

I appreciate these measures are pretty lame but they kinda helped me


Maybe I should wait for Vraylar, its a partial dopamine agonist like Abilify. My Dr told me it will be available soon in Canada.

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I don’t know if negative symptoms can be overcome with a change in your thinking or not. I just believe that part of it can become an excuse that is used(I am guilty of it myself), to not even try to push yourself and just attribute it all to negative symptoms. I know they are real though, I have them myself. I don’t discount their potency. I’m just hoping that with enough change in thinking that I can improve them some. I’m just not ready to give up yet.


Did pushing yourself improved your negative symptoms?

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I mean there aren’t answers here in the forum… it’s outside.

But it can give you outlook in things. And it’s up to you to make certain decisions into action.


I don’t know. I am still a work in progress, Aziz. I haven’t really been trying this very long. I need more time to be able to tell you that.


My parents are happier now that I am not on Abilify but now I am the one who is not happy. I lost my life since stopping Abilify eventhough I was spending lots of money, it made me happy.

What will make you happy?

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Either being on Abilify or assisted suicide.

Dying isn’t an option… so it has to be Abilify.


I wouldn’t know how much of a risk it would be to take Abilify, but thats why you have family close by. They can see you and tell you if it’s counter-effective.

Maybe ask them to notify if your behaviour isn’t healthy. And take the risk. And that if they are okay with it.

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