Does the medicine make it harder to think?

I was a creative person back then. I would have tons of ideas for writing. Ever since I’ve been on Invega sustenna it’s hard to think. I can’t even keep up with a conversation. I reread things because it doesn’t register on my mind. It’s hard to think of what I should reply my mind is really a blank. Even writing this has pauses.
Have u tried experiencing the same with meds or is it the illness or maybe its just me.


I see.
I was creative and prolific.
Lost my imagination, my brain,
because of sz and meds

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Is it the illness or the meds? How did u cope with it? It’s making me a bit sad

I think it’s the meds more than the sz

I think it’s the illness. I’m off meds now and the cognitive impairment is still there.


I think ure right. sz makes people super creative with the voices and ideas.

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Oh cool. How long have u been off meds? Did the voices ever return?

It’s only been a few weeks. No voices or psychosis yet

I have the same problem with olanzapine. I also would define my self as a creative person before. To day I’m mostly able to write about my own feelings and experiences, I don’t make up stories like I did before I was medicated.

My pdoc wants to stop my meds. She’s tapering it down. I’m worried the voices might return. Are u worried? Some says they return and don’t go away

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I am worried but I’m being monitored very closely so if there is any sign of a relapse it can be addressed quickly

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I tried that but it didn’t work for me. I use to make stories too and I post them on ig. I posted my psychosis on ig. Friends read it. Now they know. I really feel stupid.

Ohh OK. Thats good. The voices made me do things. Have u tried doing things because of them? Goodluck. Hope it doesn’t come back.

I never really had voices, only delusions. So we will see if the delusions come back

Ure quite lucky u don’t have voices. OK hope u all the best. Hope it doesn’t come back.

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Meds don’t help, especially if you’re on a higher dose. They impair cognition and imagination. The problem is that when I moved to lower doses, I didn’t just become my old self. I had gotten into the habit of not thinking much or doing much. It was therapy that got me going again. Now I’m creative artistically once more and also high-functioning at work. I do this on a low dose of APs and despite having some positive symptoms and lots of negatives that I think I’m cursed with for life.

Same here I feel cursed. This is for a lifetime. Have u tried stopping ur meds? If u did how was it?

I don’t find it harder to think, but I think the combination of the meds plus schizophrenia has robbed me of most of my interests. Things I use to really enjoy I don’t enjoy nearly as much anymore, some things like watching moves and playing video games usually feel like a chore.

I don’t feel cursed, but this is a lifetime illness that has to be continually managed if you don’t want to go backwards.

It has been a disaster for me every single time. I do not recommend it unless your doctor says they will allow it and supervise you while you’re off them.

FWIW, I work as a senior insurance broker. I have to mentally juggle a lot in a day and I manage it. I’m able to outperform neurotypicals. Having SZ doesn’t automatically make one an idiot.

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It doesn’t make it harder to think for me. Without it it’s harder to think. With it I’m able to read, board games, d&d, warhammer.