I miss my mind

Although i’m still able to play instruments, I miss being able to write songs. It’s like my creativity was killed off by the meds. I miss being able to be around my family and relax. Now everyone makes me nervous, even my niece and nephews that i love with all of my heart. I don’t know if meds would be able to fix that. I can be comfortable if i drink a couple of beers, but i don’t want to rely on that to be comfortable. I hope this ends soon.

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I know the feeling all too well. My creativity is gone, and I blame the meds. I used to write the best poetry and now my ideas don’t spark and fly like they used to. I’m off the meds now though. So I’m kinda mad my creative side didn’t come back.

Not a very promising response. I’m sorry. Lol. Maybe practice more. (But creativity flows… You shouldn’t have to practice…) ■■■■ idk

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Nice to know that i’m not alone.

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You are definitely not alone my friend. You can always talk to me about anything too. I will listen and probably relate. Lol

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I’ve seen 15151515 before but I have no idea what it means? Lol what’s it mean

my partner and I write stories together and I’ve noticed since getting sick then starting meds that I haven’t been so creative when it comes to our stories together.


Just getting the post up to fifteen characters

Ahh very clever.

Can i just say it’s really cute that you write stories together.

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Definitely not alone. I miss my ability to play my instruments so much. I mean, I can pick them up, strum out a tune mechanically… But the flow, the spirit, feels just about gone. It comes back rarely and the times are few and far between.

Don’t even get me started on being nervous around everyone, ugh. My hands are shaking just thinking about it.

Just know you aren’t suffering by yourself.

thanks, we have dozens upon dozens of note books full of our stories. I do the research about the places she wants to write about.

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Thank you for the reply! Means a lot knowing that i’m not alone

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There used to be a schizophrenia club in my town, but it is gone now. So the forum is the only connection now with other schizophrenics. That sucks, but it is better than nothing.

We can still share our common situations.

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Def not alone. I get some sparks of seemingly brilliant inspiration and creativity followed by a long trance of nothingness before i can bring my ideas to fruition. Its so utterly frustrating to feel the words on the tip of the pen and never be able to actually write anything. A torturous ordeal to be given something only to have it taken away.

@lostinthespace i would love to try and collaborate to try and write some songs together. I have no musical talent but i feel i can still be a masterful wordsmith if motivated. Pm me if your interested i need something to get my spark back, maybe we can motivate each other. I have old writings i may be trying to put to music that maybe you can help me with. Lmk if your interested in a possible collabo.

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I’m sorry you’re feeling so down @lostinthespace. I too couldn’t write for almost two years after my break, I too tought it was the meds, but now I think it’s the illness. The ability to write came back and I’m still on meds :relaxed: Give it time, push the boudaries, and I’m sure you’ll be able to do it again.

You’re definitely not alone in this.


I have it also. But I’m improving really fast with Geodon.

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I’m down cor a collab. I’ll send you a message when i grt up in the morning here.

That happened to me when I was on Haldol. When I was on that drug it was like I was a walking blob of nothing. I can write on Geodon and Seroquel, though. Maybe you can find a drug that let’s you be creative.

All the typical antipsychotics kill my creativity. Those drugs make me a zombie. I feel like I have no reason for living when I am on those drugs. Maybe you can find a drug that will let you write.