Does the medicine make it harder to think?

I think the AP meds make my thinking much clearer and more rational. The illness sza made my thinking all messed up.


Meds help me think more clearly. Off meds I get disorganized thoughts, inappropriate emotions etc and can’t think clearly. My mind is also calm on meds, off meds I am always agitated and angry/irritable. Besides I had negative and cognitive symptoms 3yrs before my diagnosis and before my 1st psychosis. I read in studies that 73% of szics experience negative and cognitive symptoms before their diagnosis, during prodromal sz.


Psychosis diagnosis occurs after prodromal phase, in acute phase.


Same for me. 15


The things that have the greatest negative impact on my thinking are anxiety and stress. I do better when expectations, and pressure to do well, are minimal.


Meds help me think clearer and more realistically. I was able to have an IT career on meds.

AP’s can clear the mind to a certain extent as people have mentioned. However I believe that the dopamine blockage that meds cause can also affect your concentration and memory. Dopamine is helpful in both of these areas. I’m not sure that I would say that they make it harder to think. They just make it harder to focus and memorize. That’s my opinion anyway.

I’m on a very low dose but for me high dose forget about it. Zero thoughts

I’d rather be psychotic tbh but I need to be able to function enough to work… that’s the dealbreaker. I took 5 mg haldol yesterday but today 1 mg . I wasn’t feeling good but am great now!

Try 1000 mg fish oil. It helps with concentration and memory.

It’s made me think more.

Me too. I fall completely apart under pressure.

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The medicine does slow down your thinking a little since it blocks a lot of dopamine