Thinking thinking thinking?

i am off medication for month now !
overall productivity is good but lower than normal ppl
barely could finish what i wanna do from my tasks!
and sometimes many times cant finish my tasks becoz talking to voices too much
talking take form of interriogating
they comment on everything by you are criminal or innocent
dear you look like innocent but we will not leave
anything they comment on
they kidding with me also too much make me laugh like you know
they also make me sleep when they doubt i m lying what lying i dk!! with reason and sometime with no reason at all
that why my functionality is not so good
also masturbating …having sex …alot of perplexation …
idk idk really
iddnt see any good from medications
they are wasting everything
any advice can i become normal and achieve my daily tasks
can medication help me to do this
i m very tired idk
pls help or pls advice if this the right thing to say …:expressionless::expressionless:

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Try to ignore the voices as much as you can. The more you engage and get caught up in their world, the worse things get. Meds help me to achieve this. I relapsed when I quit my meds, I hope the same doesn’t happen to you.


I take 350mg of Seroquel to sleep at night, and 5 mg of Cypress as needed for supposed “breakthrough voices” up to every 8 hours, but the voices never stop 24/7. I would say just ignore them but they’ve convinced me they are real and can make my boyfriend fall in love with another woman. They focus in on my worst fears, call me a"piece of white" all day long, say I’m “stupid”, " dirty", and that my boyfriend, doesn’t love" me. The also say to “just kill yourself”, which I Will not comment on here. I’m at a breaking point right now, I’m terrified of losing my perfect lover, and a huge part of me believe they are real, " Electronic Harassment ", not Schizophrenia, as my psych doctor says my thinking is too linear to diagnose me as Schizophrenic. Everyone attributes my voices to top much meth use, but I am coming upon3 months clean and the voices are literally non-stop still. IDK what the hell to do???


In the above post is supposed to say 5 mg of Zyprexa not Cyprus LOL


Recovery from meth use probably takes greater than three months time.

It sounds as if your med provider does not know what your experience is like.

I had some time with similar experience to what you describe. It was real Hell. Good wishes!

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The medication is supposed to help with the symptoms you describe.

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First of all, none of the things that your voices say about you are true. You’re simply a human being in pain.

I had the same delusion, that the government was interfering with my mind via satellite. I realize with Clarity, that this is simply not the case.

When was the last time you had your medication reviewed?

I feel for you


Sorry to hear you’re in a bad place right now @saynow . Why did you stop medication?

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i feel no difference by meds

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Thanks for the email support. “Voices really suck”, is all I can say…ugh! I’m doing better with the right combination of meds though, and I’m back to reality.
Take Care,

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see, this is the kind of thing that should be suspended.

it’s amazing how this site works. @anon40540444

I think there will be an antipsychotics out there that will help against the voices without intolerable side effects. Stay close to your treatment team and let theme advice you on your meds issue and rapport back to them about side effects and how well the meds make you feel.