Does taking two anti-psychotics cause psychosis?

Just started taking Abilify with Invega Sustenna and started entering psychosis. Is it because of the the drug combo?

I have Abilify and Quetiapin.

How is your sleep? If you don’t sleep you will get psychotic even on meds.

id get that checked

I have read, that when the abilify to other antipsychotic is added, the psychosis may get worse sometimes. But abilify is the only one which do this in combination I think. It is because of way it acts.

My sleep is very bad, and most nights I stay up way later then the night before.

I take Geodon and Seroquel, and I haven’t been psychotic in over a decade. I don’t think taking two AP’s will make you psychotic. Abilify did get me a little too amp’ed up, though.

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When do you take Abilify? Some people become awake and alert from it and others like me become calm.

Taking two APs together won’t cause psychosis, but if the psychosis started right after adding Abilify, you may just be having a bad reaction to the abilify. I have gotten psychotic as a bad reaction to other meds before. Definitely tell your doctor.

I’m on a Seroquel / Latuda combo… they seem to work well for me.

I’m on 3 AP’s. They seem to work well for me, and my sleep is great.

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