2 antipsychotics together

Hello. Who does take two antipsychotics together? Which and why? Thanks.

I take Seroquel and Abilify, 600mg and 10mg respectively.

IDK why, just what my psychiatrist gave me. Seems to be working so far so I don’t complain.

I’m on Seroquel and Latuda.

The Seroquel slows the constant spinning wheel in my head so I can think in a straight line. Not freeze in to motionlessness due to over stimuli.

The Latuda helps kick out the negative symptoms… the lack of motivation… the flat disconnect from life and love. Latuda helps me feel again.

I’m also on Xanax as needed for anxiety/ panic spikes.

Therapy has also helped me keep some catastrophic and sneaky brained thinking under control.

I am on Risperdal and Haloperidol, they don’t help me 100%, but I don’t have any other choise.

I’m also on xanax for panic disorder, celexa for comorbid depression, and trazadone so I can sleep at night.

Seroquel helps me with my thought disorder and being able to organize my thoughts, Abilify helps with my hallucinations and delusions, they still happen but less often. And my delusions feel more shaky and less real so I can push through them.

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Thank you to all of you. I asked because I will start to take second antipsychotic-seroxuel XR tonight. i take amisulpride yet.

It seems like my psychiatrist is ultra conservative in her prescribing methods, she will not prescribe me 2 antipsychotics at the same time - she said that this will increase the chances of more side effects.

I guess my physical well being is on her mind as well

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I have used many years seroquel and zyprexa together.

I am on seroquel xr and depixol depot. For me this combination is better than the sum of its parts. Have only found respite when using polypharmacy. For me it is the case that if you treat the symptoms you treat the disease.

I used to be on Geodon and zyprexa. It sucked

I was on two but not for long
I had a bad day today
Stone the world is stone
That’s how I feel

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I take thorazine lamictal celexa and keppra. the increase in keppra stopped the voices helps my migraines and epilepsy, the thorazine helps with mania, the lamictal is my mood stabilizer and epilepsy med, and celxa for major depression disorder.

I take Geodon and Seroquel, and the anti-depressant Wellbutrin. The anti-psychotics handle my symptoms pretty well.

Abilify and Trilafon, just one doesn’t seem to fully take care of my issues but two work well.

Amisulpride and olanzapine. Amisulpride is my regular med, but olanzapine was added because of my symptoms of depression. Seems to be working! because I am doing quite well, stable for the last month or so.

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I would be very careful about that if I were you, I was on Geodon and Invega at the same time once because I was switching meds and accidentally didn’t give the Geodon enough time to clear my system and I nearly had a nervous breakdown, it was excruciatingly painful mentally and I nearly screamed.

Hello, Saadiqah. I am on Amisulpride, too, since yesterday on “only” 500 mg. Before that I took 800 mg. But since yesterday I take small dose of Seroquel with Amisulpride… Probably for the same reason as you-depression. I had no energy and had very bad sleeping. I hope it will help me like i helped you. I am happy dor you. Have a nice day. :smiley:

I am sorry for mistakes. :disappointed: