Anyone got prescribed abilify and got psychosis from it

I hear it can make psychosis worse but curious if it can cause psychosis.


It can trigger psychosis.
I hallucinated on it and became very paranoid.
My anxiety went to the roof also.

I think the danger is when you’ve been on another AP for some time that blocks dopamine and then go on abilify which kind of modulates dopamine you can possibly go psychotic from it.

Having said that I was on seroquel for ages and switched to abilify without a problem.

That’s where I sit.

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It made my symptoms so bad. I eventually ended up in the hospital.

But some people seem to love it, it works for them.

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I thought it had the same mechanism of action

When I was on Abilify I was a little edgier than I cared to be, but I didn’t get psychotic from it.

I wonder once it’s out of my system if I’ll be okay. I’m debating the risperdal consta

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I’ve been fighting the hospital for months since being on it. Just isolating in my apartment

No abilify works differently to other antipsychotics.

What are you on now? Were you on abilify ?

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I was getting the depot shot… I have such a long x till it leaves my body

I’ve been on the abilify depot. I got first one Nov 22nd 400 mg and 2 more @300 mg. I read it has a crazy half life.

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I took it about 16 years ago and I ended up in a psych ward (It was actually for drug addicts detoxing but they did attempt to deal with my schizophrenia while I was there) due to visual hallucinations. I saw people who weren’t there, the ceiling spinning, the walls morphing and voices coming from them, the place where the nurse was turned into a poster, and I thought the police were coming to pick me up. I actually was kinda enjoying it wondering what the next hallucination would be but knew I was in trouble anyway. I took the med by request because I heard it was the newest one available and paid for it.

Why don’t you get on another medicine if it’s doing this to you?

I declined the shot when it was due. They gave me risperdal prn and are supposed to give me the consta shot but I’m worried. The abilify has really screwed up my thinking process and I want it to be cleared from my body…

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Yeah I hear ya. I’m sorry this is happening with you…

Maybe things will get better with the new shot.

If it’s really unbearable you may want to go to the hospital. Or call ur psychiatrist

I also have clonopin

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Are you taking the risperdal every day?

I was but it was it was making me sleep 24/7

My psychosis worsened while on Abilify. I got terribly paranoid on it.