Does homicidal ideation make you a bad person?

I can’t keep away the thoughts, but I worry I am a terrible human being… I have no intention to act on them, but my own thoughts scare me : (

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No they don’t. I read it’s not uncommon for healthy individuals to have violent/homicidal thoughts. It’s very normal actually.


Only if you act on them. Otherwise, they’re just thoughts, you should be able to think whatever you want without repercussion.

I get them too when my brain is especially inflamed, but when my anti-inflammatories kick in they are much less frequent.


I also get them, I’m a anxious person and I tend to think about hurting somebody who has hurt me or my loved ones.

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You are very young based on your profile.

Homicide is a part of human life unfortunately… From the sounds of it you are paranoid and actually have a phobic relation to the idea of homicide…

You’re gonna wind up thinking about death at times kid. It’s part of life… just relax… Killing someone isn’t really that easy at all. Human’s have faced so much death we’re pretty resilient to it.

That said accidents do happen… so just keep yourself out of harms way. Drive safely… Let yourself be nervous when you are… learn to figure out what your nervousness wants you to focus on… Like telling the passenger in your car to shut the ■■■■ up for a minute so you can focus.

Good luck… don’t hurt nobody… that kind of paranoia will come and go… It’s most important to just acknowledge you are afraid of homicide and actually don’t like murder… which is healthy and natural… It unsettles you and it might be one of your core sensitivies in life to be afraid of that… but man that’s totally common even if people don’t talk about it.

Take care.


Thank you so much @Azley :slight_smile: I just worry sometimes because I almost feel compulsion in a way. I think I’m okay though- it’s weird how intrusive thoughts affect everyone and yet no one really talks about them

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I saw a Instagram video where the guy said ‘you are not your thoughts’. He was meaning don’t feel guilty for having bad thoughts because they don’t define you. I have horrible intrusive thoughts at times. Sorry yours are distressing.

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Don’t act on them. One of the questions on the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test is, “Sometimes I think about things that are too terrible to talk about.” If you answer “No,” it scores a point on the Liar’s Scale. Everybody thinks horrible things fairly often. You’re not going to act on them. Get used to being human, and reflect what a credit it is to you that you have good self-control. Try to say and do small kindnesses to whoever you meet.

Most adults think about some pretty wild stuff, and everybody has thoughts they’d prefer that others not know. But if you recognize these as abnormal - and it’s not healthy to have unwanted thoughts of hurting others, even if you know you will not act on them - your family physician can refer you for a short course of self-examination/psychotherapy after ruling out an organic cause.

I agree with what others have said, bad thoughts don’t make you a bad person, as long as you don’t act on them.

I believe we have very little control over what thoughts pop into our heads, they just come and go on their own.

It’s not like we make a decision to think about bad stuff, no, the thoughts come into our heads whether we like or not.

Maybe it says something positive about your character, that you dislike such thoughts, so do I.

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Not everyone has them so bad… it’s an aspect of mental illness… and stress.

It’s not compulsion… it’s paranoia man.

When off meds, I get all types of bad thoughts, often they are racing through my mind. Only sleep or acting on them can stop them for a bit. The odd ones I can act on, but others are bad enough I would not want to and never have.

You sound like the type of person who never would

The fact that you are worried about being a bad person and are afraid of the thoughts… in itself this shows that you aren’t a bad person, right? Being afraid of harmful things is a good sign. And thoughts are internal… being “good” or “bad” is about your actions and choices when you’re capable of controlling them. Some people think they’re faking being a kind person, but it’s impossible to do that because if you treat people kindly (action, choice) then you are kind. The reverse is true as well. It is your choice to refuse to act on these thoughts, and it is the choice a good person would make. <3

Also I know this is one of the scarier intrusive thoughts to have, so good on you for reaching out. Sorry they’re so distressing, I hope you can learn how to cope with them better.

I realized my thoughts are not representing me.
I always say that sick thoughts are just a symptom of my illness and the more I try to fight them they are more poverfull and seem more real and then I get scared I might actually do it. My mind is a house and the thoughts are just drops of rain, they cannot break my house, they just bug me. That’s all

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