Intrusive thoughts poll

Think this would help me to realise that I’m not the only one that has intrusive thoughts. It can be pretty alienating. I experience racist intrusive thoughts and it really unsettles me as I know I’m not a rascist.

If you feel comfortable, comment the content of your intrusive thoughts. But if not, I have left the poll anonymous

  • I have intrusive thoughts
  • I have intrusive thoughts sometimes
  • I don’t have intrusive thoughts

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I have sexual and violent intrusive thoughts.


Me too. They are pretty annoying to me.

They make me obsess about being a bad person, especially since I fear that I am not adequately stressed out by them. I am pretty obsessive about being a bad person. The beings know this and so they sometimes call me a bad person to get me to do what they want me to do. I have a lot of guilt.

I’m like 99% cured of intrusive thoughts now. So, sometimes?

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You really shouldn’t feel stressed about them. My old therapist told me thoughts are like saliva, the body makes alot of thoughts and many are rather unimportant. You are a good person @Sardonic

Thanks @anon5927173. I know they’re just thoughts but I’m so afraid of being a bad person that I start feeling like they should make me more anxious than they do. I know it doesn’t make any sense but such is OCD.

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It makes sense. Most people want to feel they are inherently good. It is only natural with your OCD that it may make you more fixated on that. Just know that you seem like a great person from how you post. You are very understanding and kind. Really wanting to be a good person is a sign that you are fine


Thank you, you are very kind. :heart:

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You are welcome. And thank you too, I try :heart:

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Sexual & violent for me, so basically pure O, fluvoxamine helped about 70 - 80% of em.

Sometimes sexual and violent images appear in my mind

I have intrusive thoughts that distract me. Just want them to shut up so I can do my own thing for gods sake

Do normal mental health people get thoughts they don’t wanna possess?? And wouldn’t think to normally have. Maybe they do Idk. Well I get it and wanna slap myself sometimes

I also used to get more uncontrolled intrusive hallucinations but that was different

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Good question, no one has ever mentioned it to me that I know of but who knows

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I didn’t vote cuz I’m not sure

it may be deemed intrusive thoughts to my doc

or someone else

but if it does happen, it doesn’t last, due to meds.

In my intrusive thoughts I see me like a homeless without money, without a home. This thoughts make me feel so bad, so desperate because I think: what if someday that happens?

I wonder as well. Some nurse told me everyone had weird or violent intrusive thoughts at times, but people wouldnt talk about it out of shame.

I sometimes think some of what we experience is seen as abnormal by ourselves and others, while “normal” people have it too. Perhaps they might get less distressed about it though, I dont know.


Everyone has Intrusive/unpleasant images or thoughts. Not only schizophrenics

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Yeah sometimes I get thoughts that are sexual or insulting of anyone and everyone including myself. Not a lot of violent thoughts though unless I’m scared someone is going to attack me or something then I imagined being attacked but that is pretty rare.