Bad thoughts

How do you get rid of thoughts where you want to hurt yourself and/or others? Sometimes I wish of harming myself, but I dont act on it. There are times where I want to hurt others so they could feel the same pain I feel. But again, I dont act on it.

Should I believe in Karma?

Seek help if you want to hurt people and yourself.

The thing is I want to act on these thoughts but I dont. They’re just lodged in the back of my head.

I believed in things like hell when I was psychotic And suicidal. That helped me not do it. Idk think that everything is alive and conscious just like you. Does that help?? Sometimes I have bad intrusive thoughts too but I know I wouldn’t act on it. Like in the car and stuff.

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Actually that does a little @Jonnybegood . Believing I’ll go to hell if I act on these thoughts. Thanks, that gave me a little relief.

Whatever helps you in the short term as a temporary bandaid. Sorry I hope Im not a trigger to anyone. But in 2013 I was in Iop and she asked why would you not kill your self. I said because of my beliefs about the afterlife. And then she said what about your family. I guess in time I considered that and it helped too.

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If you have a bad thought about someone, try to find some redeeming quality about them. Some reason they matter on this earth. Try to think positive thoughts to get yourself out of that mode.

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I repeat a name which I believe in,

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