IDK if anyone will know this but

Hello all, i currently have the a problem with my schizophrenia that kinda scares the crap out of me. first of all my schizophrenia is almost completely about angels, demons, god and the devil. at times it really scares the crap out of me because there are times that i believe im talking to god and the that the devil is out to get me. but one of the main problems with it, that is the actual part that scares me is the fact that i believe the devil is trying to get me to say or inquire to myself about certain subjects. part of my belief is that if i inquire about it, that i myself will die as a conciousness and be replaced by an alter ego if you will or a demon, and that i will be sent to hell. so my question to you all is this, if a person does an action or thinks about certain things do their brains nuerochemical processes change at all or enough to unlock a second personality in your mind? can processes change permanently or just temporarily? just curious about it… i for my own mental state will keep on believing it to keep myself sane and “safe”. but for me it doesnt seem like and unusual belief, because alot of people believe in god and the devil, and beilieve that he is out to get everyone. but it is unusual because of the way it is, i guess.

I used to be afraid my consciousness was transferable and that they were gonna scoop me out, alas this never happened. It is just a delusion. You don’t need to be afraid of your own thought so long as you’re not dominated by things that displease you. You’re brain is your being you are very much just hardware they can’t change your program. Just think about it man what you’re afraid of is impossible. Be free from your concern. I used to think the devil was after me to but after I quit believing in him that went away. I highly doubt there is a god in the first place but why on earth would he be talking to you. These voices are merely a product of your mind, quit lending them powers and feeding and perhaps then they will start to go away.

first of ive been atheist before and thats before i was diagnosed and i must say thats a very sad road to believe that one doesnt exist because that would mean there is no life after death or reincarnation… and for me that doesnt float. so that is why i believe in god and the devil and all, as for why he would speak to me he has only done it at key points which is very few to warn me that he has either not like what i was doing or telling me that i need to change my life around. since he loves us all why would he do that for me? and since other ppl dont hear him doesnt mean they cant hear him or that he doesnt exist. i believe that its all possible really. and as for fighting the voices i know how to do that and when to ignore them but sometimes its not possible for me to ignore them because its is outside of my realm of control and i have come to terms with that. i was just curious of my question because im not willing to allow that to happen. it is possible too and mentality can be quite sensitive or set off at times. so i guess i already knew my answer but i was just inquiring what other ppl felt or knew.

I’ve spoken with all those beings before, had the devil paranoia, demons out to get me, etc… Jesus is the ultimate power that can take care of all that stuff.
One of the devils main things to do is try and convince you you are going to hell, or get you to do things considered sinful. He also seems to be threatening you with some sort of possession, or an alter ego under his control…don’t buy into all that.
the brain can adapt to certain traumas in good ways or bad…