Feeling sleepy

I am feeling sleepy most of the time. To top it i am not feeling comfortable about it. I always feel like dozing off and retire from any task that i am undergoing. What could be the causes of it?


Do you take sedative meds?

What are sedative meds? I take Cizorest, Abilify, Lithium and SSRI. I am not sure if they are sedative. Does depression cause sleepiness. I am severely depressed for a long time that i suspect something seriously wrong with me. Medication is not helping me at all.

I am sorry for combining the wrong words. Yes, I want to know if you take any meds that is sedative. People with depression can easily become fatigue.
I am not good in identifying meds with side effect of sedation. Take care.

Its rather strange that i become fatigue and also thoughtless most of the time. I am not getting interesting thoughts. I always fear something bad will happen to me.

What dosage of cizorest & abilify?

200mg and 5mg respectively

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