Does Abilify make anyone else sleepy?

I just got switched from Zyprexa to Abilify because of weight gain. But I find that Abilify makes me incredibly tired, has this happened to anyone else?

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I have never taken it, but sedation is a side effect of all anti-psychotics, so it is to be expected.

probably sleepybug

lol lol I like puns lol

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Yeah. I slept all the time that I didn’t have to be awake (for classes, food, etc) when I was on it. Have you tried Geodon? That worked pretty well for me for a while. It suddenly stopped one day though. I can’t figure that one out. It was a great med while it lasted though.

I’ve never been on Geodon, my uncle’s on it and it works great for him though…

Abilify does make me sleepy. I take half a tab in the morning and the second half at night. Also the citalopram I take in the morning makes me a little groggy as well.

Thus, all the coffee I drink.

it has given me insomnia - but when I do get to sleep - -I sleep around 11-12 hours a day =(
you can decrease the dose little bit?

I’m already on the lowest dose that still has antipsychotic effects.

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yeah but at first

I took 5 mg pill and I used to sleep very early and long hours.
Then after a month - I functioned a lot better.

Now I am on Injectables - 400/month 10/day and I am sleepy only the first few days.

And twitchy and crampy and drooly. My nickname for it is Disabilify. Not my fave med.


Yeah, I’m really curious as to who this med works for. I guess it must work for someone.

It works for the hallucinations okay. I still have them, but they’re less pronounced than usual.

It works well for me. It doesn’t make me sleepy, though I do require a bit more sleep - I need at least 7-8 hours/night to function well. I used to function fine on 5-6 hours. So I suppose you could say it makes my sleep pattern more normal. The first time I got an injection of it, though, it had me knocked down for over 24 hours, but I don’t have that problem anymore when I receive an injection.

I’m definitely a little more sleepy than usual, but I just take naps to help with that and drink plenty of caffeine (read: I am a caffeine addict). I need to get my dose upped, though, so I suspect I’ll be sleepier.