When u sleep more do u feel depressed


Usually people sleep more because they are depressed


I usually go to bed really early at the moment. I just have enough of the day and give up. I rarely go to bed when I am tired now.

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Sleeping more has no impact on my depression. I sleep because of my meds. I tend to get insomnia when I am depressed or upset. I wish I could sleep. Sleep is my favorite. Since I can’t do drugs and my pdoc won’t prescribe Xanax or pain pills, sleep is all I got to escape the paranoia, depression and reality show.

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I feel less than well when I sleep more than I should. Yeah, you could say it’s depressing.

Its a bit of a cycle. When i am depressed I wont get out of bed and sleep a lot in daytime. And when I sleep a lot I get more depressed. My nurse and doctor now started a special waking service for me, just for a few weeks, they call to motivate me every day to start up the day. The thought was sweet, but it feels rather awkward to have my (young, male) doctor on the phone first thing in morning waking me up.

No not rea l y even tho I always feel depresed

When I am inactive all day long and nap throughout the day, my depression can be triggered.

Less sleep for me is coming up a lot for me lately. My symptoms especially my thoughts where always more erratic in the past but seems more depression lately. Sleeping pills help to some extent with sleep but are addictive.

Getting the right amount of sleep is part of recovery dude!

nope it doesnt really make me depressed, sometimes i am discouraged on why i can sleep so long. today i slept 16 hours or so, and i still didnt feel that rested. so i got up had a cup of coffee ate a sandwich and now doing some study. but i dont feel depressed. I tend feel more avolition and exhaustion.

avolition and exhaustion can make me feel depressed about being that way though. gotta fight through it.

if i dont set a rigid schedule i tend to sleep too much. today was a day with no agenda and i was tired.

No. The more I sleep, the better I feel.

When I sleep a lot I’m glad I spent that much time away from this world, but then I feel overtired throughout the day. I feel like I’ve overslept.