Does ego ever tell you you're the greatest

when really your’e not.

Is the ego over doing all our illness?

Greatest at what. Anything. No. I just think I’m a pretty cool like able guy :sunglasses:


it’s so strange

I get high opinion of myself

then I’m self deprecating.

I change quickly.


All the time and it’s such a lie.

I think most people are walking contradictions.

During most of my psychotic breaks, I felt I had become a media ‘spectacle’…but not someone really important or great.

Delusion told me I could be/was the greatest. But ego didn’t

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not sure about this

I don’t have a fragile ego

it might too inflated

but it’s good to feel some sense of worth.

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You can be confident without being overbearing. I’m quite self-assured most of the time, and get along with people from all walks of life.

Ya my ego tells me I’m a genius. Well, I could have been. Medications put me in check. Before I got sick in 2011, I thought I could be a god-like being or the next Steve Jobs lol.


potential is always there

I believe you

don’t ever settle

be success

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I don’t know what’s ego

I’m rocking my sucks up, as I go, but I would never say I’m the greatest. I am not a demon though and I like justice to be as great as possible here in Finland and everywhere else too. I’m just a kid, not going to aim something so low as being a dictator to move people around n around n around.

remember power isn’t a bad thing

I mean

it can be used bad

but people who feel it will eventually make a mark

The Physics that are making us feel? i.e. “Arena Physics”??

I don’t have an ego, but I think of myself as great Buddha

the sensitivity to others or weather or certain things we eat

can be enough to cause an outside force to take us

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘arena physics’

your’e more schooled than me, taking classes

unless you want to explain.

I think you need to be challenged in this belief but not by me.

It’s my religion. It is considered normal. We are all Buddhas. It’s not a delusion

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Arena physics are never biological but affect biological units by their powers. As simple as that.

idk, honey, effective force is many tier

and if you get into biological, you’re looking at all 5 senses,


and mental.

I’ve only hinted on half of the mental

which for us is very important.

The mind is an electric component that keeps delivering.