Does anyone take Geodon?

What are your side effects? Does it work well?


I tried it. It made me feel like I was dying. Absolute worst medicine ever, for me…

I’m on Haldol now 10 years.

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I’ve been on it nearly six years. It’s like a miracle for me. Almost zero side effects, and I haven’t hallucinated in almost three years!

@crimby and @TomCat are also on it, and @velociraptor used it for ten years, I believe.


@ninjastar any weight gain? That’s kinda my main concern I haven’t felt any other side effects.

I lost 40 lbs when I switched to Geodon.

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I was on geodon for a while. Did wonders on my symptoms, I was nearly voice free on it. Lost a few pounds on it. My liver just couldn’t handle it, started getting pains, but that’s a very rare side effect.

If it weren’t for the side effect, I’d still be on it.

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@velociraptor are you not on geodon anymore?

Yup, still am. 10mg with morning meal (toast) and 10mg with evening meal. Also Amyloban 3399, no positive symptoms. I was taking 40mg morning and another 40mg in the evening before adding the supplement. Geodon is weight neutral near as I can tell. My lack of activity and fondness for good foods are the cause of the weight issues, it would be unfair to blame the pills.


I’m eating right and exercising everyday.
And I’m on the highest dose of Geodon.

Interested in this med

i’ve been on geodon for about a week, and the only side effects i’ve had are drowsiness and some anxiety

I’m on 240 mg of Geodon a day. I love it. It makes me sleepy and it helps with the psychosis.

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Same here. I’ve heard other people say the same thing.

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Are you still on geodon? Can you concentrate at school?

i am, i’m on 40mg and i’ve had no problems with concentration

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Glad to hear that. Does it stop your voice? Any side effect? Maybe I should try it next.

so far i haven’t had any severe side effects. i was sleepy the first fews days of taking it, but now i have basically no side effects. that being said, i haven’t had much symptom improvement either


Hey! I actually started taking geodon again for the past 5 weeks. I agree that it doesn’t seem to be helping with every symptom I have. Yet they say you need to give it at least 2 to 3 months for the effects to really build up. As for me, I’ve been on too many meds that I think this one is the only one I will stay on. It is fairly priced at the pharmacy, it is weight neutral, some of my symptoms are clearing up, and I have no side effects from it so far.

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What symptoms does it clear up?

I once asked my psychiatrist about Geodon, but she said it’s nowhere near strong enough for me. I was curious about it as an addition to the Abilify shots, but instead she added 5 mg Haldol twice a day. The Haldol is quite helpful. It takes a lot of medication to treat me. Besides the Abilify shots and Haldol tablets I have to take two antidepressants at high doses to keep me from killing myself, a mood stabilizer, and Cogentin (for Haldol side effect).