Anyone on geodon, are you liking it

Im geodon, im been losing weight, its been working on me. I love because its the only medication i can actually lose weight everyother medication made me gain weight. what a blessing.


I was on it about 6 months ago, the problem I had with it is eating a proportionately large meal of 500 cals. I switched to Invega sustenna and I been on it ever since. But other than that Geodon was ok.

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Wish I was dropping weight easily, but that’s never been the case for me on Geodon.

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really wow, geodon is medication that doesnt cause weight gain. im suprise your not losing weight. whats your eating habits like, you have to excerise and eat healthy.

i went nuts on geodon, was irritable and short tempered and just more violent in general. i lost the olanzapine weight on it and got to a healthy weight but also my heart was messed up on it and id faint. i still dont know what about it messed up my mind so much as its no so different from other aps in regards to receptors

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omg really thats scary, im fine thanks god, maybe its not for everyone it works for my chemistry. im bless then.

Pull the other finger.

I exercise and eat healthy.

I guess everyone is different, you have to find the right meds for you that works. I found mine then.

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Im also on geodon!! And I love it


I love what Geodon does for my head, but it has made me gain a little weight. It also weakens me dramatically physically, but it is worth it to not have to take some med. that makes me feel horrible. Geodon has hurt me before when I took it on an empty stomach. Other than that it is perfectly okay. I also take Seroquel.

What went wrong with your heart?


do you have to eat certain amount of calories with geodon.

that’s good it is working

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one morning i woke up and i had an interaction between geodon and trazodone that caused me to faint and heart was pounding painfully, i stood up and fainted again about 3 times in a row until i could actually do anything. i got heart palpitations often that were painful at other times too on that med

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@cigarino @swordiebrom A user here have fainting when standing up from Geodon. I think it affects orthostatic blood pressure as some antipsychotic have it as a side effect.

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It makes me faint if I try to get out of bed too fast in the morning. I put a hole in my bathroom wall with my head once.

It’s never happened in the middle of the day though.

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My doctor calls it syncope and collapse.

1 month ago I made the mistake to get of Geodon. That did’nt go well. I got dreadfull insomnia that lasted for one week. And I therefore I went back on geodon 120 mg and slept 12 hours for the first time in one week. If you are on geodon you will mostly lose weight because of loss of appetit and because the food lose some of it’s well taste.
I am currently on
clopixol depo 400 mg every other week
400 mg seroquel
and 120 mg geodon

I have been on geodon for years. It keeps me not sleepy and very active.

It helped me loose all my gained weight. It works well on high doses only.

Is it good for sleep?

It doesnt help me sleep i take another medication for that.

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