Does anyone take another AP with Invega?

Im curious what I could ask my pdoc to add to my Invega


I take risperadone 3mg along with invega. It’s worked fairly well.


I take a low dose of clozapine in combination with Invega.


Ill try to persuade my psychistrist to prescribe additional risperidone to Invega, but he refused last time, I have tried it before

With qutaibeen its very good.

Are you on the highest dose of invega? What symptoms are you having that makes you want another ap?

Im mot on the highest, Im on 156mg of Invega (100mg of xeplion). Im being a bit fearful/suspicious lately

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I know that for me I need the extra AP to combine with my invega injection. Yes- let your pdoc know your concerns.

Is that sustenna? How long have you been on it? Why not raise the dose? Have you tried other ap like caplyta?

Its my 5th month, I have tried quetiapine, haloperidol and abilify. Im visiting my doc tomorrow

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I’m on the highest dose of Invega Sustenna, 250 MG Clozapine, and 5 MG Zyprexa

Most of the time your still gonna have positive symptoms just much more manageable. According to my pdoc ap are very hard on the body and if its possible just take one.

5mg haldol at night since my last episode. It suppose to be temporary though.

I use two antipsychotics with great succes. Just go find one that will work well with your.currently used sntipsychotics and that clears up the rest of your positives.