Does anyone suffer constipation from their meds


I use to go everyday before meds. Now I go like twice a week if I’m lucky.


I deal with it by using basil mainly although diet helps a little. I also have trouble with water retention which I use a diuretic for.


I have that problem. I’ve been dealing with it by eating large amounts of peanut butter and syrup. I think that might stop working pretty soon, though. I’ve also had luck with frozen vegetables. If that doesn’t work, you might try bulk fiber laxative.


Coffee and tea always be the main cause


I think clozapine is a main culprit


Yes, I have chronic(more than a year) constipation from clozapine. I fix it by taking Psyllium


Whats that…!!!


ispaghula. It is like a powder you put in water and drink it.


Do u take it daily…!!! ??


nope. once or twice a week. Only when constipation is severe


Yes, I’m on three AP’s so, I have a terrible case of constipation. If I don’t go naturally, I take a prescribed dose of Lactulose. It is a very strong laxative that is basically liquid sugar but it works like magic. Sometimes, instead of that, I take two tablespoons of Castor oil, which I can get online.


Citrus fruits are really good for constipation.


I’m not a big fan of citrus fruit. Besides, it does nothing for my constipation.