Does anyone see a CRNP instead of an MD?

I live in a sort of rural compared to city an hour away place. And there aren’t too many mental health clinics here since the three main hopsitals closed their out patient services five years ago. There is this private practice nurse practionter I was thinking of trying if my pdoc doesn’t do something substantial that works about my TD soon. Was wondering what you all think of nurse practitioners for psych meds and all?? Thanks.

The nurse practioner clinic in my town refused to give me pain medication for a swollen knee. Good luck tryng to get psych meds. :sunny:

They’re all different, do an interview and talk about meds. The best people listen to your ideas for meds and will let you try what u want. If they refuse and force their opinions down your throat, then they are not for you! I’ve had the pleasure of finding my pdoc and he prescribes what I say is helping and if I don’t want to go on a certain med he understands and just wants me to feel better.


I see a CRNP every 3 months. I asked her if I could switch medications because I didn’t like the side effects but she wouldn’t do it. :frowning:

Sometimes I see the NP when I can’t get in to see the pdoc. She’s pretty terrific.

I was put under the care of a nurse practitioner at the beginning of last year with seeing a pdoc to only happen in case of crisis/emergency. I have yet to be introduced to her. She was off sick for a time but has been back for quite a while. It’s hard to make a value judgement when you haven’t seen someone - other than more than a year without contact is a long time.

I’m under the care of a clinical nurse instead of a doctor, i don’t mind. He listened to me when i told him the problems i was having. Because of him i’m stable now, experiencing minimal symptoms and i feel good. I see him every 4 to 12 weeks depending on what’s going on. When i call with problems he handles it pretty well and gives me medicine to help.