Poll : Who gives you your prescription for your AP?

  • Psychiatrist
  • Family doctor (GP)
  • Other (Please specify)

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I see an APRN under a psychiatrist. She’s very knowledgeable even though she’s not a psychiatrist herself.

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My psychiatrists writes to my gp dictating the meds. But it is my gp’s signature on the prescription


Additionally my pdoc writes and signs my depot cardex (schedule sheet for my depot injections which the nurses administer). My nurses sign this cardex after every depot

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My cpn drops my meds off for me.


My psychiatrist prescribes all of my psych meds including my AP.

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I see a psychiatrist for mine.

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I just see the GP now, I can go back to the mental health clinic if I need to

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Certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP) who works under a doc.

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Havent seen my GP for years - cos frankly the person is a bit of a tosser - Care in the Community My Arse. I go direct to the Shrink - i get better results.


I see my VA pdoc every two months. I see my VA CPRN every two weeks and she gives me my depot injection.

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I see a psychiatrist every month.
GP doesn’t want to touch me with a ten-foot pole.

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