Do you see a pdoc or a nurse practitioner?

About 2 years ago I was placed under a nurse practitioner instead of a pdoc. The idea being that I only see a pdoc in the case of an emergency . I wonder whether this is typical if one is chronically as opposed to acutely mentally ill. Due to her having several long periods off work I have only seen her once.
I can’t say she was any better or worse at listening than a pdoc.

I currently see a psychiatrist - always have.
I think that nurse practitioners are closely supervised by a psychiatrist, but I could be wrong

When I wasn’t able to get to a doc I saw a nurse practitioner. But when I was getting better and getting out more… I went back to my pdoc.

I have always seen a pdoc myself.

I visit my psychiatrist 3 to 4 times per year.

i see a clinical psychologist…and a shrink if i get ’ crazy eyes ’ :wink:
take care :alien:

I’ve always seen psychiatrists and psychologists, but my when I see my medical doctor, I see both a nurse practitioner and an internist. Usually the nurse first and then both at the same time.

I see my pdoc about 4-5 times/year. Today I will see the nurse. Third time in a year.

i see a psychiatrist once a month along with a therapist once a month.

I see a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner, and a psychologist. Have a GP doctor too but I don’t see him too often.

I see a community psychiatric nurse every two weeks. See my pdoc maybe twice a year.

I see a pdoc every 2 months.