The elusive nurse practitioner

Took charge of my care(except seeing pdoc in case of emergency) in Dec 2012. Aug 2014 have yet to be introduced to her-admittedly she’s been off sick twice


Complain. Really, that’s not OK. I know there are cuts in services, etc, but it’s still not OK.

Wow!That is terrible!Perhaps you should try pushing a little to get some support.Sad to say,but it does seem like the squeaky wheel gets the grease.My sons pdoc seems confident in my ability to handle sz and it seems like we get very little support.You deserve more!I’m glad you are comfortable getting online to chat.I enjoy the news articles you find! ( :

To fair i have seen the pdoc a couple of times in her absence, but question the transfer of overall care to a person who has yet to see me in 20 months . It’s not as though it changes much treatment wise which is stripped down now to turning up for depot every fortnight(except i missed one as i was at my step daughter’s when it was due and didn’t go the following Friday).

Have you contacted her to let her know that you would like to meet her?

ARNP are tough medication managers…If you flexible care or you plan to work, you might like psychiatrist better. The ARNP also don’t want to hear much about your life or some will really get annoying…It really is about how you are functioning, what may need changed, write you the RX and leave in 5 minutes…

I’ve tried 3 of these with regrets…Went to govt mental clinic here for long while for sliding fee & just got shuffled through it…Moved around 3 times last 2 years so I got to try more care who are independent care providers.

NO- I haven’t in case the ‘demanding’ accusations come back.

Lets just say i cope as things are structured, if you can call it that,in a very limited and quite low level way. Any significant changes could easily topple the house of cards.

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