How long have you met with your current psych nurse

I have met with my current psych nurse almost half a decade, five years. I talk about all kinds of matters.It is quite helpful.


i started meeting with a nurse practicioner, I don’t meet with a psychiatrist. is it helpful? I don’t know yet.

for now it seems I tell them what’s wrong, because so far they haven’t had a clue and I’m angry with most of them. The neurologists have been the only helpful medical practioner in my life to date.

thank God my eye drooped for a week so we could figure this out, only took 135 miles of biking :slight_smile: it’s drooped before but the psychosis seems to take center attention, and I’m accused of hallucinating the double vision, and then I sit there and wait while I have the wrong diagnosis. I’m so angry and fed up with these arrogant folks,

Where are you nicehat?

where am I? I am in the United States, the great state of Iowa.

My community psych nurse is great whilst my psychiatrist is ■■■■. But I would recommend people try to avail of the services of community psych nurses (cpn). I used to be treated psychiatrically in the private sector. It cost me a fortune and I got very little return for it. But I was amazed with the service I got in the public sector. My CPN was great. All the services I was able to avail of are free…CPN, social worker, psychologist and occupational therapist. Costs me nothing, thus no resentment.

When I lived in America I visited 35 different states, but I never visited Iowa.

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Iowa’s awesome, its where i live as well.

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I had my same pdoc for 14 years, then when my insurance got cancelled, no more pdoc.

right now it doesn’t seem too awesome. but you can afford to live here on social security disability, cost of living is low. I guess for now that makes it awesome.

I used to say all the mentally ill people lived here because of that, even coming here from Chicago. Unfortunately, the majority of the mentally ill people I’ve met here are drug addicts, so the drug addicts live here in my mind.

I’m trying to be more positive from now on, cost of living is low, and we love to bike, alot of places to ride your bike :slight_smile: winter is too cold though.


A former friend attended a wedding in Iowa. At a place called the Amana Colonies.

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The Amana colonies are beautiful, I used to live near there.
and I have a list of ‘former friends’ too :frowning: