Does anyone relate?

I don’t hear voices. Yet the doctor said I have a psychotic illness or something like that. Idk. I guess I’d like to know if anyone relates to this because I feel so alone in this.

In periods I cant go out on my own because I’m scared someone will kill me. And the walls have eyes and are watching me. does anyone relate to this?

I’m having a hard time believing that I’m psychotic because I don’t think I am. I don’t hear voices or hallucinate, I just dissociate and thoughts and feelings that aren’t mine enters my mind. Idk how to describe it. The doctor wrote that I hear voices and may be halucinating. I don’t think I am though. don’t understand why he would write it if there werent some truth in it though?

I don’t hear voices. I hallucinate visually but it’s not like most hallucinations you hear about. It looks like inanimate objects are breathing. I also get thoughts and feelings that aren’t mine enter my mind. We all have a unique set of symptoms.

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I do hear voices but they are the ones telling me someone is going to kill me. I know it is really hard to ignore. You are certainly not alone :smile: . We are here for you.

Likewise, I often feel as if I have someone behind me watching me. These are delusions and symptoms of psychosis. I don’t know exactly why he put that. Hmm, maybe he misunderstood. This is something I find some doctors can do a lot.

I wish you luck. Take care :slight_smile:

I think you are just fighting your diagnosis because it hurts to be told you are sick. I’m quite sure we all go thru this. It’s like telling a kid he can’t go out and play with the other kids because he’s got the measles. As time goes on, you will adjust to it although the pain never goes away entirely. Concentrate on what’s positive about yourself and your life.


My hallucinations aurally are normally inside my head never external voices. Visual hallucinations the walls kind of breath and swirl sometimes but thats probably because all the lsd. But i dont hear voices most of the time its really when im alone is when its really bad. And u can be psychotic and not hear voices. I was really psychotic in high school and i didnt really “hear” anything i was just in that “mode” ya know. Psychotic only means split from reality so it could mean any number of things. A lot of times when im in psycho mode i don’t really know whats going on but at the same time i do. Its really hard to explain and i feel like the whole world is entering my brain, my reality. Its after an episode that i figure out i was psychotic. Sometimes i do something i regret later on though like self harm or property destruction or shopliffting. I used to shoplift beer all the time from this store until they caught me and then when they did it finally clicked that what i was doing was wrong and part of me wasn’t in control of myself when i was doing it. Maybe that wasn’t a psychotic episode but i lost all insight on what was good or bad. Or right or wrong.

@SYNACK omg you got thoughts and feelings that aren’t yours either? to me I describe them as people in my head or voices (“voices” is the only Word ppl in 3d seems to understand although it’s not entirely true as I dont hear voices).

@Sharp Thank you!

The doctor who wrote that have been “knowing” me for quite some time now, about half a year to a year. and I tend to be quite truthful when I talk about stuff. I just feel like… idk, he’s a professional and shouldn’t be writing things that aren’t true you know?


@Kazuma what do you mean “in the mode”?

I can’t sleep. the “voices” won’t let me. I guess I should talk to someone about it but Im not allowed to.

Yeah I think the technical term is “thought insertion”. Most doctors though just equate it with hearing voices. They frequently ask me if I’m “still” hearing voices, or if I’m hearing voices “again”, even though I constantly tell them I don’t hear voices. At least I don’t hear them outside my head, but to me it’s not really “hearing” if it’s inside.

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Well its hard to explain. My head feels all foggy and thoughts are racing through but in and unorganized manner. This horrible feeling in my chest starts boiling up. All i hear in my head is how “im a piece of ■■■■ this or i should die” and i don’t fully understand whats happening until i snap out of it. Sometimes ill have self harmed or like i said stole or damaged something. The worst is realizing later on that i cut myself and it got me nowhere but more scars. Its like being caught in a nightmare u just want to wake up from or a bad acid trip or something. But i normally come out of it eventually hopefully unharmed. But i wish u well it must be very confusing right now for u, but i would do my research, be compassionate toward urself and meditate. Keep fighting the good fight

Yes, I have psychotic depression and do not get auditory hallucinations. I experience visual hallucinations and during bad psychotic episodes I also experience strong tactile hallucinations.

Similarly to you I speak with entities telepathically, i.e. I have thoughts in my head that don’t belong to me. According to therapist it’s known as “thought insertion” and is a symptom of psychosis. Same with the other paranoid beliefs you’re having. Not everyone has auditory hallucinations, it’s just very common in schizophrenia, which you may not even have, like I don’t. There are other psychotic disorders!

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