Do you get delusions, halucinations or voices?

Me myself when unwell, i get constant delusions with odd halucinations. I don’t get voices talking to me but i do hear them odd times come from other people so it sounds like they are saying something to me.

Yeah mostly delusions. Occasional voices.

Unwanted intrusive thoughts occur the most frequently; I chalk this up to PTSD.

I hear auditory hallucinations that are everyday noises that occur within my mind and outside of my mind: footsteps, whistling, objects that make noise, etc. I have had a few tactile hallucinations. Sometimes I will be sitting and I feel the presence of someone who is not there; sometimes I hear their breathing. The part of the brain circuitry where this feeling that others are present was explained to me in the book The Science of Evil: On Empathy and the Origins of Cruelty. I have heard two voices in my mind that are not my own. One female voice told me “sorry”.

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Aren’t voices hallucinations? Or you mean visual?

Yeah i mean visual :smile:

I mostly have delusions but I often get minor visual hallucinations.

When I am stressed I see more.

I don’t hear voices often

Today I heard a female voice say “evil” but I was the only woman in the room and had not spoken

I get delusions of reference mostly when I’m not well. I also had delusions of grandeur before I was on meds.

I’m on meds. I have voices. Just some minutes ago I heared my husband say something in the other room, I asked what he said and he had not said anything.

I hear whispers in the evening when everything is quiet.

When I became ill, before meds, I had visual hallucinations and tactile hallucinations. I saw a dog at home. We did not have a dog. That dog followed me everywhere. Medium size old border collie with a bad back. Black and white.

I’ve had voices but not as much so now that I’ve been on Clozapine. I’ve also had paranoia about people talking about me negatively. The paranoia hasn’t been as bad as back in the day.

I don’t know if I can find the rather old study, but I saw one that suggested that trauma – especially during childhood – was strongly correlated to hearing voices and/or intrusive thoughts in adulthood in any of the schizophreniform disorders.

(Might have been in either Diana Russell’s, Judith Lewis Herman’s, Richard Kluft’s or Bessel van der Kolk’s bodies of work. They all wrote about this stuff in depth.)

Moreover, the trauma didn’t need to be physical or sexual; it could have been relentless verbal abuse. (Gobsmack. Well, duh?)

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@notmoses, I checked out the first two writers from your list so far. Both of them would like activist Anita Sarkeesian and the late Army Ranger John Needham, my overall hero for exposing war crimes.

Delusions are my most prominent symptom. I also get frequent voices when psychotic but they are not auditory, it’s like thoughts in my head that aren’t mine.

I don’t really get hallucinations, maybe very mild ones but they could be explained with other reasons I think. I do get visual distortions, as in everything looks scary and threatening, like out of the corner of my eye a robe will look like a hanging person or a balloon looks like a demon hanging from the ceiling. I’ll see horrible faces when I close my eyes too so that’s scary.

I’m less concerned with Diana’s and Judy’s feminism than I am with all the research they did on a particular form of child abuse in which children were subjected to being terrorized in a prison-like environment.

@notmoses, I made the comment because Anita speaks out against violence against women of all ages. I was only trying to feel comfortable with these two women’s work. It was a simple, social comment.

I do want to read some of Judith’s books that focus on trauma.

sorry yoda is saying something to me…
" there is another " :imp:
"mmm…interesting !?! "
take care :alien:

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Interesting. Had much verbal abuse, and other abuses. Main psychosis involved hearing voices that seemed real outside my head, voices like thoughts inside mind. Had some visual distortions where my face seemed changed in mirror and another persons face had hatch marks on it. A few other visual images, but mostly auditory hallucinations. Heard music following me around. Had paranoid ideas of being observed, gang stalked and talked about. Thought some TV personalities were going to contact me. Thought dead relative had not really died. But voices were abusive or scary 70% or so of experience. Rest could be companionable, helpful, humorous, religious. I still have delusional thoughts like today I could swear someone came into my house, but don’t think it is really true, or hope not, so still suffering from paranoia and quieter voices at times despite medication. My vision was flickering a little and some double vision. Fun times. But seeing well at moment. Yay! Thanks for sharing your extensive research. I am reading Surviving Schizophrenia by E Fuller Torey MD. Is helping me understand it better.

Don’t count me out. Had it not been for the feminists (like Judith and Diana) (and the great Alice Miller), we’d still be in the dark ages of the Freudian theories that emerged after he, himself, had to step away from a clear awareness of child abuse in order to save his neck from the rich and powerful in Gilded Age Vienna… and come up with something. Tragically that something cost us three quarters of a century in The Dark.

Sounds like you’re connecting the dots, which is actually the essence of what matters. I started into the “detective work” almost 30 years ago. Pretty much everything makes sense to me now.

I mentioned Alice Miller in my reply to Nykia on this thread. Once you’re into the de-shaming and sense-making detective work, Alice Miller is One Great Jungle Guide.

Well I have haluc and voices… yea the spy is watching me at night sometimes, other times he not around but the voices not going away but its ok. heh

@notmoses, just so you know, I always benefit from your posts.

Currently trying to take time to read the Atlas of Cyberspace off and on. With Judith’s work in mind, big thanks to you, I can expect to keep in mind how the individuals she worked with have sectioned out a grid point, whether professionally or socially, for themselves.

Take Care.