Does anyone know anything about the drug depixol

Is it any good…have you tried it…

I’m on it, just as good as any other antipsychotic. I ended up on it as i’m on injections now for stopping my oral AP’s. I get 40mg every 2 weeks. I don’t like AP’s so i don’t like being on this but in my opinion is as good as anything else and i’ve been on Respiridal, Seroquel, Abilify, Amisulpride, Clopixol. If I had to pay for my meds (which I don’t i’m in the UK) i’d just stick with this as it’s also cheap.


Yeah I’m on it for paranoid schizophrenia 60mg every 2 weeks pretty much started ‘My’ recovery I went pretty mute and robotic and thought people were reading my thoughts, thought people were plotting harm, heard my parents voices at night telling me to kill them was on all sorts of meds from 2005 mainly risperdal but it didn’t stop any of this went on fluanxol which is the same as depixol in 2010 and within 3 to 6 months I began recovering. Now maybe the psychosis had run its course but last year I was tried back on Seroquel xr 300mg tablet to try and wean me off the depot and I relapsed pretty bad ended up in emergency
For me it’s given me back my life. It’s also quite activating. I don’t work or socialise but I’m doing well

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Depixol is also known as flupenthixol.I was on it for 15 years.It made me withdrawn and afraid of people so I was cut off and isolated for a longtime.The worst thing was it gave me akathisia which is a severe side effect which causes restlessness,agitation,emotional disturbances and distress,If I tried to sit still I couldn’t I’d have to get up again immediately and pace the room.They put it all down to the severity of the mental illness until 15 years later in 2003 they realized it was all down to akathisia from this drug.So if on it look out for these symptoms and stop it immediately or you will suffer badly!

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i was on the depot depixol for about5 or 6 years and although it didn’t stop the voices and i relapsed a couple of times whilst on it, it wasn’t too bad i guess. i played around with the dpsage untill i found what i could tolerate and still have a life…my limit was 60mgs…anything above that and i became mute personaity wise and uncommunicate tp towards my family…once te ose was lowered to 60mgs i felt so much better but stil relapsed a couple of times when taking it down to 40mgs. it’s a fine balance between having enough to do the job and not too much that you lose yourself. i woud try it again but i’m sort of happy with abilify right now :slight_smile: