So definitely trying to embrace the idea of depots for life. Feeling pretty positive

Coming off the depixol depot has failed. I came off it because I thought it was impacting my attention. I have remained on 600mg seroquel throughout.

Anyway six months after stopping I am a mess. Am paranoid as hell and anxious too. Have lost the ability to think rationally about the stresses and problems of life that everyone has to deal with (ill or not). My response to these stresses is deeply unhealthy.

I have been feeling suicidal, and those ideation have included the misuse of prescription medication. I have been a nuisance to my community nurses and family a like.

This situation is unsustainable.

So I am thinking go back on the depot depixol. Am 99% sure this is what my pdoc is going to say. Looking back I think I tolerate depixol pretty well. Any improvements in concentration when stopping it were pretty modest to be honest. Moreover my concentration at this precise moment (in the middle of a hot mess) is way worse than when I was on the depot.


You must do what is best for you
I think all antipsychotics have side effects and don’t always do everything to clear up your issues but we have to put up with it and get the best effective medicine we can find

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I wish I could afford depots.

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Yeah I am lucky to be in the uk.

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