Whats your opinion on clopixol

whats your opinion on it? Is it effective?

I did not like Clopixol when i was first put on it i felt like i was in slow motion. I’ve had the instant release version of Clopixol a few times called Acuphase in the hospital, that gives my legs muscle spasms. I’m now on Depixol 40mg injection every 2 weeks and i find it better than Clopixol, better than being on Abilify even. Still though my meds are far from perfect i can’t wait to get my dose lowered or even get off which would be a dream come true.

I was on Clopixol depot for over two years. I got a two weekly imi of 100mg. The meds made me very tired and it messed with my ejaculation ability. A good drug for positive symptoms though.

I an om 300 mg clopixol depot weekly and has been ok it for 18 yEast. Besides of That i al om 240 mg.ziprasidon and 50 mg seroquel every Day
I find That clopixol and The other drugs Works fine for psychosis.

Welcome to forum @nch. I’m sure you’ll find great support here. I started on 200mg every second week but that made me numb and slow. I tapered it down to 100mg whereby it was bearable for me. Currently I’m on Abilify 25mg

I’ve just started taking clopixol after my fourth psychotic episode. It seems to have cleared up my positive and negative symptoms of psychosis.

I got reduced my medication during the last 2 and a half year. I was reduced from 300 mg clopixol weekly to 500 mg every 14. Day. Besides of that iI was reduced to 160 mg Gordon from 240 mg. And I got my sequel dose increased to 250 mg. My opinion about cliopixol is that it is a good antipsychotics if you tolerate it well which only one in four does. I l would take a try on one of the atypical beforr I tried clopixol. If you are very sick like me and you haven’t had any success with a combination of atypical and don’t want to go for clozapine then you could try.iclopixol


I’m on clopixol. I get a monthly injection. They’re bringing my medication down this month. Then bringing it down every three months for the next two years. Only side effect is weight gain and milk coming from my breast.

I have been using depot for last two years. I am on 200mg for every four week. Also 100 mg solian 100 . Depot is very effective in treating positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I couldn’t follow a daily routine. But now I can. One has to have patience. It works.

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