Does anyone here consider themselves an expert on schizophrenia?

I’m always trying to learn more. Unfortunately, I feel dissatisfied with the knowledge available about the illness. Is anyone here real knowledgeable?

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No i am not an expert, but i always learn

I am not an expert nor am I interested in it

i’m not an expert for sure =p

There are so many variables, I bet an expert is few and far between.

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No, not an expert by a long shot. Just have my own experience with it and met quite a few others with it.
I’ve worked with, lived with and been in various programs with people who were schizophrenic and had a few long time friends who had it. I really got into reading books about it for a short while. Read peoples first hand accounts of having it and also some clinical books. Used to read a lot about it online but it seemed like most articles said roughly the same things.


There is a lot I don’t know, but there is a lot science doesn’t know either. We all know more about it than 99% of the population.


No one is an expert not even psychiatrists, they ignore your negative symptoms bcz they know nothing about them and have no treatment for them!


@aziz i have created a topic which disease, can u check that out and comment there about what u think


Can you link it? I cant find it.

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one sec, lemme see if i can link it

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here it is

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Im not a expert but through out the years i learn more about my illness

I’m pretty good at managing mine, but I defer to my doctors as the real experts. I just give them the feedback they need on what has and hasn’t worked to help them fine-tune decisions.

I’m not an expert and think learning about schizophrenia will never stop.
I do see certain markers, or things that appear in everyone’s story.

No I don’t although I used to think that. Then I learned over time that even the doctors and researchers I used to quote didn’t really know what it was. So obviously I must not either.

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Im an expert AT schizophrenia you know I can go off meds and talk nonsense and go all withdrawn and think im the centre of the universe and people are trying to kill me and laugh at nothing and talk to myself and have a flat affect and think i have a great theory and over-intellectualize it but nobody knows what im talking about and not eat or bathe regularly and lose almost all possible weight from constant movement… A real expert


I only really am an expert in the sense i have my own “wierd” coping stratagies for it - but somehow i dont think my skills personal to me, would suit to help another person at times.

No. I feel like I know a bit about it, but I only have lived experience. Maybe its just a poor choice of words but its not the same as actual expertise and clinical knowledge.

I’ve seen every TED talk, SBSK interview, and independent documentary about it on YouTube, some multiple times.

I don’t think that makes me an expert, but it is what it is.