Learn about your condition/Schizophrenia

On Facebook, a very popular schizophrenic said
“I have schizoaffective, which means I have schizophrenia and a personality disorder, borderline”. That’s not the definition of schizoaffective. Please educate yourself about your condition. I personally have studied a lot about my illness.


I think most posters here understand mental illness pretty well and if they don’t then people educate them quick. Some people on Facebook it seems spread ignorance too much.

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Funny thing, in college when we could choose the subject of a paper I was always choosing schizophrenia. Years before the onset.
My psychiatrist said that maybe I had felt that something was wrong with me and I chose psychology because subconsciously I was looking for cure or answers

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Yeah man it’s interesting. My cousin was sz and I never feared her despite what everyone said. I tried to befriend her but she was really psychotic and like was abrasive toward me a bit. But I didn’t dislike her for that. Then she died but it was weird to me that I respected her way more than everyone else and I ended up with the same affliction as her. Well I never thought I was sz till a few years after diagnosis. So it’s definitely not like I wanted to be like her. But for some reason I respected what I would become.

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So you are not the first with schizophrenia in your family

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Nope and I’m not the last either.

My cousin on my dads side would’ve been in her 60s now she had schizophrenia but she passed a 15 years ago. Her delusion I always remember she thought her mother was hitlers wife. Cuz they were Jewish.

And on my moms side my cousin is 4 years younger than me and he has schizoaffective too. He’s a great kid and doing really well actually.

But bipolar, anxiety disorders, depression, sza and sz all run on either sides of my family. That’s why my parents were so understanding when I got hospitalized. Lots of mentally ill people on both sides of my fams.

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