Does anyone have any good ideas to reduce paranioa? Im starting to see the signs and my excema is flaring up due to the stress

I need help. Im getting paranoid seeing people walk past my house and staring at me. Its not tol bad at the moment but i fear it will get worse. Could it be the caffiene in the green tea im drinking? Has anyone else experienced this. I just want to be healthy. Yet everytime i try i get depressed and paranoid. I dont know what to do?


I just take a power nap. And if it’s time for meds I would take it and sleep. Or you can take a cold shower too.IMO

Do you drink any caffeine? Im wondering if that is what is causing it

I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea.

I don’t drink coffee due to gerd.

But I take tea.

Also when anxiety hits I take salt lemon juice. It reduce to some extent.

Best is short nap it will shift your track of thoughts

Yes, too much caffeine makes my paranoia worse.
Maybe start consuming decaf tea

But in the meantime try to distract yourself and refrain yourself from looking out the windows.

This seems to help me


Any kind of stress is bad. Maybe try stress relieving techniques and avoid any unnecessary stress.


ive been taking 81mg aspirin. it seems to help some. there are studies on it helping anxiety and possibly schizophrenia cause it reduces inflammation. i missed it for 3 days and felt worse. it seems to take the edge off

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