Time to cut back on the coffee?

Before my illness I was drinking around a pot and a half of coffee a day. It gave me horrible anxiety which I ignored, and then, over the course of a few years, things kind of snowballed into psychosis. I’m not saying the coffee is solely to blame, but it probably played at least a small role because of the anxiety it caused me.

I gave up coffee and caffeine for a year after my hospitalization, then slowly started to allow it back into my life in reasonable amounts, like a soda every few days, and on rare occasions, a cup of coffee, but just one. Then I kind of started to slip and go past the limits I’d set for myself because I do enjoy caffeine (before the anxiety sets in, at least).

Lately I’ve noticed I can go through a whole pot of coffee over the course of a day if I don’t watch myself, and I feel that familiar anxiety coming back. I’m on meds that lessen anxiety so it’s nowhere near the level it used to be, but I still feel like this is cause for concern. I’m going to have to consciously cut back again, I think.

How do you guys handle caffeine addiction?

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I switched from coffee to tea. Tea is a lot more gentle in my opinion

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I do love tea, especially green tea. :smile: That’s a good alternative, thank you!

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i dilute my coffee with extra water. that way, i get more coffee without actually having more coffee. the taste doesn’t even change that much either. id recommend a quarter cup of coffee and three fourth cup water. or at least half and half.

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Could you try decaf?


I drink decaf when I get coffee. Otherwise I have tea. Too much caffeine makes me psychotic

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Diluting my coffee and decaf coffee are good options, thanks guys!

I do like decaf but I can be picky about it. It’s rare that the flavor is as satisfying to me as that of normal coffee. I do have some good decaf somewhere in our kitchen though. I oughta look for it. :smile:

I usually drink ~2 cups of coffee a day, any more than that and I get real anxious.

Sometimes I drink tea – tastes good, hot, and most importantly; has caffeine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So maybe switch it up every now and then between coffee and tea. But I also like the decaf idea – i drink that from time to time too.

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