Does anyone find energy contiguous

Depending on the people I’m around I feel my energy get sapped or more energic, most energic when I’m on my own I think, anyone else get this ?


I too have had that happen. After I was around some folk, it felt like my energy was drained. It’s really strange.

yes. when i am with my good friends i feel great. other people, not so great

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Yeah I was out with some old friends tonight at spent most of the time yawning and feeling sleepy but as soon as I got home I got my wee brother and went and set a load of fireworks off

I tend to be the draining kind. I got that from my father somehow. I drain even myself. Unless I’m with someone who knows me very, very well.

See I was and probably still am the complete opposite of that, but I find it hard to pass the energy on to others, some people just aren’t as excitable as me, the first sign of anything I’m up for doing, unless it causes anxiety

It is very interesting your post my friend.
I realize that when I go out with my friends or at language center I feel more energy than if I am at home.

Your lucky you have friends who are on the same wavelength, it’s really hard to find. I have a few that are and I love hanging out with them but when some others join in it slows the pace down, I understand what you mean about languages it must be your passion, mines fishing when I few of us go out in a boat it’s great


I find my youngest brother’s manic spike very contagious. He’ll be going back to his place soon…

I’ve been having a harder time keeping level with him around. It’s almost too easy to get sucked into.

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Fishing is great. If i could fish 24-7 i would be in heaven

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