Talking to ppl in real life exhausts me

I feel that they steal my energy when I talk to them. They give me headachs, lethargy and make me dizzy. I can post here because its not real life, I am behind a screen.

Do you believe ppl can steal your energy and make you exhausted? I do.


Extraverts gain energy due to people. Introverts lose energy. I’m an introvert.


sometimes talking to my dad is exhausting. i can’t be myself around him because he’s an authoritarian and ultra religious my way or the highway type guy. he even gets in political arguments on facebook all the time. i told him why cause rifts and stick your neck out for a politician?

anyways everybody else doesn’t drain me, but i can only socialize for an hour or two, before i have to get some solitude.


I feel the emotional stress of interacting with physical people is much more prominent in a schizophrenic who already is very stressed out. So they are just more sensitive to surprises during the interaction, plus there’s this annoying ongoing “crazy narrative” to contend with, like secret messages and stuff. Can give you a literal headache.

I believe if the physiological damage is fixed in the brain, the crazy stuff stops happening and you can handle uncertainty better.

That’s cool you guys. You just don’t have much need for socializing. Enjoy it. Don’t be hard on yourselves about it. When you need it go for it, then lay off for awhile.

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Can you see when I’m writing? That like was awfull fast @naturallycured.

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I read fairly fast.

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i shouldn’t talk bad about my dad, as he does a lot for me, and we spend a lot of time together. and usually we get along. but one thing about him is he thinks he is right about everything. me and mom just ignore it.

just last week he was starting to catch on to himself, as he said “it’s funny we can have opinions about things without knowing what were talking about” of course that more applies to him but he said “we”. he’s never been a serious academic reading lots of books and challenging his views. once he forms an opinion on a topic, it’s ingrained for life it seems.

I’ll say! Lol. 151257

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Im also a fast reader…

My mom sucks energy out of me and others too. So yes I think it’s possible.

I feel allergic to ppl really.

Conversations drain me too.

oh sorry to hear that
try to explain this to ur doctor
i think he can help you

I agree .I find it incredibly draining being around people for long periods of time

He says I suffer from SZ with negative symptoms, apathy and avolition. He tried many med combinations like antidepressants with antipsychotics but nothing helped. He said there is no meds yet for those symptoms and they are known in psychiatry since 1950 in SZs. He said science is not advanced yet to treat these symptoms.

Prolonged socialization drains me a ton. I can handle it intermittently, but if I’m exposed to it for a long time I get :zzz:

It drains me too irl. Because I have so many negative thoughts going through my head subconsciously and consciously, about myself, when I talk to people irl. Those negative thinking patterns is what drain me. It is really depressing. I think self care is the solution but it will take a long time like maybe 5 years or less to get a basic significant change. And then from then on it should be more smooth. If all goes to plan.


Sz can atrophy the speech centers of the brain. A way to strengthen them is to read aloud from a book for half an hour per day.

Yes, exactly. They exhaust me. I avoid them