Why is it when I let go

It comes back?

I stopped reaching out first to most people and felt most weren’t really reciprocating energy and it got old

Well I think I was right about a few people, but suddenly I have new people reaching out to me.

It seems when I’m feeling better about myself (because releasing my grip on relationships made me accept that I’m naturally happier when I’m alone anyways and people drain me) it’s like people somehow pick up on that? Like someone I knew in high school (I’m 30) just randomly hit me up last night, lol, that doesn’t happen to me. We’re hanging out Friday and I am super excited. I also hung out with someone today, first person besides my partner in well over 6 months.

It’s just interesting how much confidence can shift things, even the slightest change in that, because I’m still struggling with my weight gain. Radical acceptance helps


Interesting stuff.

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oh that must be good grooky…

i been alone since christmas unless you count dropping by centers.

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I often feel so deeply alone I forget people have it even worse than I do in that field and I’m so sorry :disappointed: I know how isolating it can feel

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I’m glad for you that you are feeling better and meeting new people.

Good stuff!

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Even if others have it worse than you, it’s ok to feel bad and feel lonely. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better

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god i smoked crack with a girl when i was 22…hang me.

i left the aprtment and went home after meeting her begging for a ride at tobacco outlet.

forgive me for talking about ships. her boyfriend ws on a fishing boat. i am monogamous in nature and creed. good god rye police you are fascist in nature. what is with your policed town. i’m sick to death. just leave me alone.

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