Does this happen to anyone else?


This happens often and i really feel like its others people alot of the time.
I’ll be relaxing or doing something and all of a sudden things feels hostile, I stiffen and it feels like there is energy walls around me that blast away at my mind and emotion.

For instance the rain woke me up earlythis morning,i was in a peaceful state and didnt feel threatened. I heard a guy say something like "you dont need these gay vibes " I didnt take it deep and kinda laughed because i was still half asleep. Next thing I know my body goes stiff and it feels like the right half of my body is being energetically stripped apart. As I typed this the energy I was vibing with turned to a hostile. I honestly feel surrounded by people that look for any reason to turn on me or take away from me. I work hard and stay to myself and generally deserve better. I feel like I’m kept to a certain level of healing and growth. And it seems to be done with energy frequency that doesnt come from within myself. Anyways,this stuff is nothing new and I’m not freaking out or whining about it.


I’ve had similar things
Not that exactly
Its difficult to explain
I had so much stuff happen its hard to keep track at the minute
On a similar wavelength to you st the moment with electric energy and feeling like no one wants to put up with my crap
And talking about it feels magnified


Sounds like you are having tactile hallucinations.


so you feel like some other people or something else bigger than you controlling you and that’s why you feel like losing your (good) energy because of them? or the opossite?


Lmao yes my brain can simulate tactile sensations the moment I walk through my door


Seems like tech with the frequencies that’s all I know.


It’s like a tug of war with my energery in my body. Like a frequency is being put to the energy in my body making it able to be attached to


I think you ought to tell your doctor


ok, thank you for answer me. Sometimes i feel like me and other persons can exchange “energies” ,other times are good other times bad and yes sometimes i feel like energy from somebody (but not person,maybe God) is giving me energy to say or do things and because of the source s the information comes i do or say things beleiving is the right way to act.


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